Monday, April 26, 2010

Shanghai Dolly

I have been hanging out at Shanghai Dolly quite a lot recently, ever since the incident with Fate. Been there on Wed, Fri and Sat nites. It doesn't help that 1 of the singers there look uncannily like her. And when she sings 感动天感动地, i'll always be reduced to a wreck.

I quite like the atmosphere there, similar to Dragonfly, and I guess this is where all the Dragonfly crowd went. The crowd is kinda ah beng or rather, lao beng though. (Yea, lao beng like me) But Eugene's going Shanghai for the next couple of mths, so 1 less khaki to hang out at Dolly for the next few months.

Been talking to JZ online quite a lot recently, mainly coz of my incident with Fate. I've been in a rather foul mood at work for the past 2 weeks. My temper's been rather short lately, and I kind of flared up at her last week. I knew she's angry immediately after I scolded her, and AML msn me to confirm it. I think if it were me in the past, I would just like it be and heck the relationship. But somehow I went out during lunchtime to get flowers and card for her to apologize. I guess she mean something to me afterall.

I have not taken anyone into confidence for a long time, much less a colleague. But if I'm still not going to talk to someone abt it, I think I'll burst.


Every heartbreak has a song. I guess this is it.





Friday, April 16, 2010

Wretched Life

Welcome Wretched Life, once again, all over again, this is it again.

For how long have I seek to avoid this feeling, so much so that whenever I'm gonna sink it, I always pull myself out. Coz I know this all too familiar miserable feeling, know it too well I should say.

Why did you hold me back when I wanted to leave, knowing full well that you're gonna get attached soon? Why.

There's just so much frustration in me, consuming me. What do you want of me now? How can I still look at you without feeling the ache in my heart? I know heart ache. There is really such a thing as heart ache. It feels as though your heart is being squeezed, gripped by the hands of fate and given a tight squeeze. I experienced it years ago.

I'm paying the price again, but I'll see the light again.

I believe I have earned the right to leave.

"Got every right to wanna leave
Got every right to wanna go
Got every right to hit the road
And never talk to me no more
You don't even have to call
Even check for me at all
Because the way I've been acting lately
Has been off the wall"

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Fate again?

I think the blogosphere has grown a bit foreign for me. I rem the time when only my frens actually view and leave comments on my entries. But I've gotten numerous comments for my previous Fate entry. This just seemed so weird??? I feel kinda exposed. haha.

Anyway, for the benefit of those who are wondering, I did go out with her for a few more times. It's usually something short like a simply dinner after work. Well, we'll see how it goes.

I just got back from Jakarta. The trip was for business, as the president of a certain country is supposed to visit Jakarta. It got postponed while I was there, essentially making it a wasted trip in the business sense. Personally, all the better for me since I get a free trip. =)

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After what seemed like forever, I think I finally went out on a date again.

It wasn't supposed to be a date initially i think, just hanging out for coffee or sth. End up she has not had dinner yet, and I was kinda at a lost at where to take her for dinner. FYI, I have not taken a gal out in the dating sense, for at least 2 years. My knowledge of nice places to visit are all at least 2 years old, and if fortunate, still standing.

So at the last min, I pulled Dempsey Road out of my top hat. I think a few yrs ago, not many pple would have heard of Dempsey Road, but it seems like common knowledge now. Turns out she's been to the Ben & Jerry at Dempsey before. Anyway, I took her to Oosh which has not failed to impress before (I only ever took 1 gal there b4 and she was impressed. Still that counts as 1 out of 1 rite?), until that nite. Turns out the outdoor section is closed, i guess due to it being Sunay nite, and we got an indoor seat with a "nice window view" but it was nite and we basically can't see shit. The food was bad. Little and tasteless. There goes Oosh as the secret weapon.

We went over to Ben & Jerry for waffles after that. Quaint little (actually it was quite big) place which sells a bit of everything. There's a small counter selling t-shirts n other nonsense, a bar counter, a live band section, n of coz ice-cream. It was still early after Ben & Jerry, so we drove to Holland V where we had a bit of drinks at Wala Wala. She told me quite a lot about herself, her past relationships, family, etc

We left at ard midnite and I drove her home. Was thinking that I shd give her a goodnite kiss, like how it always happened in the shows but just dun know how to go abt doing it. I wanted to walk her up (but it'll be weird to kiss her outside her door anyway), but she said it wasn't necessary. And the angle's a bit weird to attempt a kiss in the car as well. So end up with just a "goodbye and seeya again" kinda stuff. Lame.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm Back

Hi guys, i'm back... 2010

Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Entry For 2009

Lo and behold! Here I am again... more than 1 year after my last entry.

So many things to talk about. I just read thru several of my previous entries which i blogged during the salsa period. I'm currently retired from salsa again. I think my last dance was on a Sat nite some time back in Oct 07. Jojo and I have been together for close to 2 years now.

A lot happened in 2009. 4th auntie passed away shortly after CNY. She was diagnosed with cancer sometime back in Dec of last year. It was fast - within 3 mths, it was over. My heart just broke when I was visiting her in the hospital. She was closest to us among all our relatives. She helped out me n my bro a lot for our uni fees. And before I can start repaying her, she's not there anymore. I rem while trying to get to sleep 1 nite, I just had this sudden emotion that our family is no longer complete. Grandma left in 2006. and now she left. I can still rem them so vividly while they were still ard.

I also cleared my final ICT this 2009. Now I've officially MR (Mindef Reserves) and been presented with the Hamilton watchh. After exactly 10 years of shit, I finally have ntg to do with the army anymore. If I ever have to wear Long 4 again, it means sth seriously wrong has happened.

National Day's approaching. Shishi is leaving for the states for further education 1 day after National Day. Personally, I feel it'll be a waste of time. Nonetheless, we'll be sending her off at the airport. 5am flight. Bah!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Olympics Beijing 2008

Heard this news on radio on my way to work this morning. Olympics Beijing 2008 is schedule to start in a week’s time, and apparently the traffic congestion and pollution problem in Beijing is gonna be sth to concern with.

When interviewed, Beijing residents said that they are happy and in favor of the Olympics being held in Beijing, and as a sign of their passion, they will heed state advice and stay indoors as much as they can during the Olympics duration.

All non-Olympics related profession is apparently on official holiday, and the pple are encouraged to visit other states for holidays, in an attempt to reduce the number of pple in the city.

Earlier on, Beijing has implemented a traffic control scheme; whereby cars of odd and even plate number are only allowed use the highways on alternate days. However, the situation now has worsened until almost 90% of personal cars are not allowed on the highways during the Olympic duration.

I’ve ever been to Beijing a couple of times, and true enough, these 2 areas are where they need to work on. I rem a dinner apptment which my vendor, which took me 2 hrs to reach the venue, in spite of them sending a car to pick me.

So much for the Olympics…

Sunday, July 20, 2008

28 Years Old

Spent my birthday weekend in Genting with Jojo, thinking I could use some birthday luck. Sad to say, it din work too well... =(

We been together for close to a year now, just 2 more mths to Sep 23. =)

Looking forward to every weekend, work simply does not have any appeal for me right now. My boss dislike the way I work n I dislike pretty much everything abt him. This doesn't work out too good for me, considering my performance and advancement in the company is highly dependent on this individual.

Time to look for a way out...

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bu Neng Shuo De Mi Mi

What to do when you find out something which u're not supposed to know? Sometimes ignorance can really be bliss...

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Recently I attended Daphne's wedding at Rasa Sentosa Hotel. Yes, the same Daphne whom Eugene was head over heels for some years back. So far, I've attended quite a few fren's wedding; Regina, James, Hilda, Kim Long, Jason, and this time Daphne. But this time there is a slight difference - difference in my status. All the other times, I was single.

Actually, my perception of marriage and weddings are pretty warped ever since I knew Min was marrying Alvin. I dislike the notion of getting married. I have heard more than enough of the sweet and romantic reasons for getting married, but perceived thru my realist view, it just seemed like it's sth to just get it over and done with. To obtain a status recognised by the law, with someone whom you think you can live with. I have not tot of settling down ever since that. Sometimes I even think that I would prob not get married my whole life.

This wedding stirred up some different emotions.

As I watched the video clips of the groom going to fetch the bride at her place, I started wondering if I'd ever have the chance to do this. Being the groom. Sometimes when my imginations are loose, I'd imagine myself in wedding situations, but I'm always part of the brothers gang. Nv the groom himself. I tot abt who my brothers gang would comprise of. Prob Hanxi, Eugene, Lewis, etc.

I imagined myself taking all that the sisters gang can throw at us, cos I would not allow anything to stop me from marrying Joanne.

I imagined us walking on the red carpet, to the tunes of the wedding march.

I imagined us drinking our nuptial wines.

Sometimes life makes fun of us all. I belittle the notion of wedding when all this could happen to me. Now I can only imagine how it would be like beacuse it wun happen for us. It wun be special for her; hence it wun be special for me.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Injury-plagued Xiaohei Part 2

It was supposed to be a simple nite of shopping and Xmas decor viewing at Orchard Road, and we made the unfortunate choice of Far East Shopping Center for our carpark. Sth rather amusing happened. Joanne has some vouchers for Isetan Scotts and we were hoping to go redeem it. Somehow, we made our way to Wisma only to learn that we can't redeem it there as it's stated Isetan Scotts only. We backtrack in search of Isetan Scotts and were pondering how we can miss this detail, and to realise that Scotts shopping center has actually been demolised!

So what happened was our brain automatically processed the next nearest Isetan to be our supposed destination when we could not find Scotts shopping center in the first instance when we pass by what used to be it's location. Anyway, ended up we have to redeem the vouchers at Isetan Shaw House.

When all's done, next came the retrieval of the car at the top floor of Far East Shopping Center carpark. Upon going down the first slope, I did my normal cornering and everything seemed to be going as usual until I heard a disgusting scratching sound which turned into such of a crunching sound. SCREEEGH ~

The rear door on the right side was wedged into the edge of a fucking pillar. I tried to reverse myself out and this causes the door to be further dented in. After much effort to minimise the damage to unwedge myself, I earned myself a $200 respray and repair cost. The spray job was a little fucked-up as well, and it leaves small little bumps on the lower portion of the resprayed door.

Oh well, what luck.... =(

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Injury-plagued Xiaohei

A spate of unfortunate events befall Xiaohei recently. Within a month, he's sustained 1 minor and 1 major injury. The carpark at the following 2 places are at the top of my blacklist now: Pearl Center and Far East Shopping Center.

There is a disgusting steep slope leading up to the carpark at Pearl Center. And better still, the gantry does not use ERP style of entry. It requires u to stop and insert the bloody cashcard. I overshot the cashcard device and gotta reverse to the damned device. After all's done, I tried going forward and found my car going backwards instead. The Honda Civic behind then decide to horn me to add to my confusion. Well.. dunno what shit went thru my mind and for a while, I tot I was driving a manual car. Being stuck on a slope with ur manual car sliding backwards? The only thing to do - jam the accelerator.


End of story.

The consequence is a payment of $76 for the Honda Civic to change it's number plate which was bent, and a series of emails on whether or not the money transfer was received.

The 2nd incident at the condemned Far East Shopping Center carpark is even more heart-wrenching. To be continued..

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meeting On Board SQ805

The scene was n board SQ805 bound for Shanghai, on the morning of 30th August 2007. I had forgotten to put a pen in my laptop bag and needed 1 to fill up the numerous departure forms which were needed by China Custom. I was checking out the babe sitting behind me who's also furiously filling up her departure forms, thinking of borrowing her pen and possibly strike up a conversation. Along came a stewardess, noticing my plea for sth and offered her assistance.

"Can I help?" Stewardess

"Eh... can I borrow a pen from you?" Me

"Sure, here you go." Stewardess (handing me her pen)

As we look each other in the eyes, the fleeting moment of recognition registered in my mind. Before I can say anything, she goes...

"Andy Kwa" Stewardess (And she walked away)

Memories. Memories. Memories. If my thoughts can be viewed like in Dumbledore's pensieve, it'll look like this:

She was 16. I was 21.
She whom I met at the old Ridley's at ANA Hotel.
She whom immortalize the song "Once In A Lifetime" as THE romantic clubbing song.
She whom I wrote a 500 word essay to tell her y I like her.
She whom I left behind at Orchard Cineleisure, because I swore to myself not to let any more gals step over me.
She whom ask me to tuition her for her O Levels.
She whom I kiss.
She whom I bought a mango cake, 12 red roses and 2 love devils for her birthday.


It was kind of nice to meet her again this way. She did give me a bit of preferential treatment throughout the flight. The first time I finally a familiar stewardess on my flights.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Emergence of Xiaohei

It's been a while.... Hahaha.

I'm back on the blogging scene again. For the past month, my working hours took a drastic plunge for the worst. Tot that now that I've got a car, leaving office after work should be a case of pure bliss (minus the bus waiting, hot stuffy bus ride, standing in the mrt, 1.5 hr journey back home, etc). Who knows I end up staying later and later every day. And worse still, now that I don't need to claim taxi fare home, I ended up not keeping track of my overtime meal allowance as well. Bah!

Social life-wise (no, I have not been picking up cais), it wasn't much of a diff. Prob cos I have not been salsa-ing much nowadays. My new salsa grp sorta split after Akder went back to India. Thinking back to the days when we all have the thinking that having a car would make picking up chicks so much easier. Not too true though, or maybe I just have not been putting it to this particular use. Haha.

Well, I did go out with Jer more often nowadays. I brought her to Oosh at Dempsey Road, and she was totally ecstatic about the place. Subsequently, we went out a few more times, to Union, to Upper Club, Holland V, etc. She did tell me that she feels that I've gotten more confident now that I have a car (She calls it Xiaohei). I dunno how true this is. But it's true that I would not have initiate to ask gals out last time, like how I asked Jer out not. Even gals whom I'm interested in. And no, I dun feel like I'm going after her, well, not now anyway.

Sth funny happened 1 time when we were at JP. We were just talking abt me having not gone to Union for some time, and who I wana meet there, when just out of nowhere, Yumin appeared in front of us. I was stun beyond words, and just managed to mutter "Hi" before we walked away. I knew Yumin felt that I've always sort of like Jer, cos she did tell me last time that she notice I only dance with Jer at Union last time. And that was during the time when I sort of dun do salsa. It's been so long since I talk to Yumin. We dun even talk on msn now. There was 1 Fri nite when I went to Union with Jer, and happened to see Yumin there with her Bugs. I was sitting alone at the sofa with my back to the pool table. I knew she was behind me, and I saw her silhouette walking towards where I was sitting. Instinctively, I just stood up and walk away, without looking back. I dun know if she was walking over to talk to me, but I just did not want to talk to her just yet. Let the silence continue.

Back to Jer... sometimes I think I'm seeing shadows of Min in her also. Both have abt the same kind of family background, the same profession, the same streak of rebellious-ness, the same bit of Siao Charbor mentality sometimes. We were in my car 1 time, and it happened to play Sammi's song Bu Shang Xin. This is like my song for Min, reminding me always of the times we were together; the sweet times when we love each other to bits, the bitter times when she left me for Marcus. Jer told me she love the song also. Not many pple even know of the song I believe.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ok, a bit late to wish myself happy birthday rite now... but who cares. Anyway, it fell on a Thur which does not seem to have any celebratory feel surrounding it. Thur - the majority of the week behind it and 1 more day to the last day of the week. It somehow seemed to be the most draggy day day of the week. The day where u feel like the time seem not to move while u're in ur office.

Anyway, had a mini gathering with my JC folks. Eugene, Lewis, Duckie and Sandy at Union Square. Nobody of the usual gang there AT ALL. They must have just celebrated Miss Tng's birthday the day b4. Just as well, if not I'd might be forced to do a birthday dance. They bought me a real creamy chocolate cake, (dead giveaway that it's my birthday ya?). We played silly games to finish up the cake and taught Duckie and Sandy to dance towards the end of the nite.

Babe bought me a little cake the next day. =) Din expect that though.

Thanks to Rongyan, Kaixin and Huihui who remembers. Love you, babes!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Best I Ever Had

Today I danced with Cranberry again. After 2 weeks. She's the first gal whom I feel like dancing with song after song after song. Everybody talks abt the so-called chemistry when they identified a person whom they so love to dance with. I din understand it then. I guess I do now.

Cranberry - best I ever had. I know she like this song

Best I Ever Had

So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

Nothing's quite the same now
I just say your name now

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had

So you stole my world
Now I'm just a phony
Remembering the girl
Leaves me down and lonely

Send it in a letter
Make yourself feel better

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't need me back
You're just the best I ever had

And it may take some time to
Patch me up inside
But I can't take it so I
Ran away and hide
And I may find in time that
You were always right
You're always right

So you sailed away
Into a grey sky morning
Now I'm here to stay
Love can be so boring

What was it you wanted
Could it be I'm haunted

But it's not so bad
You're only the best I ever had
You don't want me back
You're just the best I ever had

End Of Countdown!

End of countdown! Eh... actually the clock ticks down to 0 last Thur. Albeit much earlier than I expected. Yeah !!!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Clock Winds Down 1

Day 3 of waiting. Tick tick tick....

Oh ya, my blog visitor counter hits 7777 today. =)

Sunday, June 24, 2007


Today I made a huge life(style) changing decision and commitment that I ever done to date. Now, to really watch those expenditures from now on... sigh.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Babe Alert

Finally. After 2 years. A babe in the office. =)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Midsummer Night's Dream

Some pics from Midsummer Night's Dream at Fort Canning. Can't rem when was the last time I attended a play. My salsa grp decided to organise a picnic / play watching. Present are Suyin, Alanna, Jade, Shirley, Arkder and Sherman. Some other frens of frens joined us but can't really rem the names now. We're not the only salsa grp there as Jacelyn's grp was just situated right in front of us on the picnic ground. We were having the time of our life there with the picnic, that the play seemed like an after thought.

I think I like take up half the photo. From left: Sherman, myself, Shirley, Alanna, Jade and Suyin.

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Yesterday nite I had a dream abt Cranberry. We were dancing, but our heads were awfully close, like when we were doing bachata. Then our heads got closer, and I kissed her slightly on her lips. I looked up and she was looking down with a bashful smile on her face. At that point in time, we knew we are together, and we are in so much bliss.

I awoke this morning, feeling all positive from my sweet dream. Even happier cos I'll be seeing Cranberry today.

We met and we parted and it seemed like just another ordinary day. Damn those dreams...

Friday, May 25, 2007

10 Reasons

What I intended to blog for this entry undergo a last min change, when my other active browser which happen to be surfing Friendster realises that she's getting married soon.

She ever asked me, to give her 10 reasons y I like her.

"If I tell you, will u marry me?" I asked.

"I will consider." she said.

Usually I avoid such rhetorical questions. This is depicting love as a very methodological process, which is against my school of thought. I prefer giving a truly strong statement answer instead of making it like a 10 reasons thingy. But for her, I immediately took out a pen and tried to pen down 10 reasons, for liking her. Try as I might, I only manage 6.

Yesterday night while I was tossing in bed, it finally came to my mind how I should give her 1 true statement, which epitomises the feelings I felt with her. The literal words suddenly materialise in my head. I knew the feeling all the while, but I just can't formulate it in words. Till tonight.

I intend to blog it the first thing today, until the Friendster realisation. With that, I shall bury my love statement for her in my mind. Thou shalt not come to light no more.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

All About Dance

If I don't ask u to dance, I think u're too good n I don't dare to dance with you.

If u think u're good but yet I still ask u to dance, u're probably a close fren of mine.

If I don't ask u to dance, but u think u're not that good that I don't dare ask u to dance, I probably like u.

If I used to ask u to dance, but less freqeunt now, but u think u're not that good that I don't dare ask u to dance, I probably din like u last time but like u now.

If I did not dance with you last time, but now does, but u think that u're not that good that I dun dare to ask u to dance, it probably means I like u last time but not now.

Pls include ur name in the above categories if u feel u fall into any of the above.

Does any of this makes sense to u? Haha.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back On Track

Hah... been absent from blogging for the past month plus or so. Saw the bar chart of my blog views creeping lower n lower every week. The lack of scandalous scandals involving scantily clad scandilicious gals I guess. Nonetheless I'm back today to bore the shit out of u on the boring life that I'm leading right now.

My last post was abt my job.... so where has that led me to now?

Finally talked to my boss and I firmly put across my tots as to how I m NOT going to take up the role to lead the customer support team. And how I would like NOT to be utilised as a clerk/logistics/ops personnel. That saw my career path being put back on track a bit, with a recent trip to China for more meaningful purposes. Job change? I guess that's gotta wait for a while longer. I got a new goal now: Car ! But first to curb my spendthrift habit....

1) Less taxi trips! Looking back, I'm amazed at how I could drag my ass up every morning at 6am to take the hour plus long trip to work on public transport. I nv seem to be able to do it now on a consistent basis, explaining the rise in taxi expenditure. =( New motto: MUST LOVE MRT !

2) Stop taking the car! I've been thinking of cancelling my WhizzCar subscription, but to date have still been keeping it alive in case of emergency. (Well, I vow to cut down usage or maybe not even use it. So far this month I've only taken the car once. My week in Shanghai helps though)Incessant expenditure every month. N it's not as if there's any gal out there who is a must-send for my Union nites. Well no more now, since Piggy is gone.

What becomes of the broken hearted? Who hath love that's now departed.

So what happened? That must be on the paparazzi's mind cos suddenly, it just seems to die. They no longer observes anything because ntg's happening. So did anything even happen? Hell it did. I pulled the plug on myself. She gets the idea after a while. She no longer msg me on MSN, like how she used to. Even in Union, she seldom comes over to the sofa area now, except for the occasional dance with Johnny or Zhiguang. When we see each other it'll be just a smile. A meaningless smile. I wonder if she ever thinks abt what's behind the smile. The feelings behind the smile. I guess she doesn't. She's too happy with her Bugs and life now.

I'm fine. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I might be approaching the crossroad in my career path very soon. Din expect this to come so soon though. If indeed the company is gonna assign me to take on the role which I heard thru the grapevines, I guess I will just have to pack up and leave.

So.... screw you guys, I'm going home ~ ~ ~

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Beach Party And Club Party

It seems I have quite a Salsa grp. A few of us organised an outing to Sentosa last Sat. Cafe Del Mar and basically just having fun on the beach. The few who went are Su Yin, Jade, Shirley, JH, and a guy called Vincent whom is supposed to be from their Beginner class.

It was a rainy affair the moment the stepped foot into Sentosa. Had a brief shelter at Cafe Del Mar, which is what used to be Sunset Bay. A very nice place indeed, though the dress code does seem a bit strange. You get guys who are dressed in fulll clubbing gear, n at the same time ladies in hot bikini attire. This place no doubt replaces KM8 as the new poseur hangout in Sentosa.

We played beach volley (and I even brought my pump! all cos of Shirley's airless volley ball!) and frisbee and were joined shortly after by the tall German babe from Bachata class. Oh yes, I took up Bachata. =) Shd have made the outing a bit earlier. We left Sentosa shortly after evening to have a 2nd round at Clarke Quay. We had our dinner eating this weird shape pizza at Harbor Front, where 1 slice is like 12 foot long.

Most favor the idea of going home to change first before going for our 2nd rd. I took the car and picked Shirley and we met the rest at Clarke Quay. MOS nite it's gonna be. Dear Suyin got tipsy on a hand-made vodka orange from 7-11.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lost Handphone!

So did I lose my hp? You must be wondering.... read on to find out.

So I was trying to get thru the day without my hp. I tot I had left it at home. Y? Because of the below reasons:

1) When I went back to the cab to search for it, the cabbie lent me his hp to call my number. My hp did not sound off in the cab.

2) I called my own number using my office phone. It was still on.

So this led me to believe I must have simply forgotten it when I left hse. After sometime, I tried calling my number again. It was off..... FUCK. Someone must have picked it up then. So I called to suspend my line, in case someone nut used my number to go support Jue Dui Superstar Diya (Wahahaha). Not cheap leh, God knows how many calls these fanatics will make.

So the first thing I did after work that day was to make a trip to Westmall to get a new hp. They only have 2 models of non-camera phones available, and 1 being the one that I lost (or did I??? =P). So I got the other hp, Motorola W220. A stylishly slim flip phone, with a rubber padding feel on the exterior (this hp seems built to withstand hard knocks) and a superbly kiddish screen (reminds me of Battle City on Nintendo). And while I was at it, I traded in my Nokia N6680 for a Sony Ericsson W800i. So happy with my 2 brand new purchases, I went on my way home.

Next surprise come when I sat down in front of my comp screen at home. Dear Linda has a msg for me. "Hey, your phone is with me". =

Why would my phone be with her ??? It so happens that the cabbie found my hp after that, and contacted Linda. (Why Linda? L is like in the middle of the phone list. This leads me to wonder how many pple he must have called b4 someone agrees to collect it for me....) Dear Linda is kind enough to go down to Leng Kee or somewhere near there to collect it for me. (For that, ya gonna get a kiss from me. *Muacks*) And so.... officially, I did not lose my hp after all.....

Thursday, March 22, 2007

No Handphone!

Hooray !! Today I'm gonna be a very peaceful man. I forgot to bring my hp to work. Eh... well, I hope it's I forgotten and left it at home. For a while, I tot I dropped it on the cab, but upon stopping the cab again and doing a brief search, it wasn't there. And the last time I checked, the phone was still on. Man, can't believe I actually forgot to bring it out. I usually do my 3 checks (wallet, hp, smokes) before I leave hse or go anywhere.

This has got to be the 1st time I actually forgotten my hp. Let's see how I can survive unconnected today in this connected world. =)