Monday, March 26, 2007

Lost Handphone!

So did I lose my hp? You must be wondering.... read on to find out.

So I was trying to get thru the day without my hp. I tot I had left it at home. Y? Because of the below reasons:

1) When I went back to the cab to search for it, the cabbie lent me his hp to call my number. My hp did not sound off in the cab.

2) I called my own number using my office phone. It was still on.

So this led me to believe I must have simply forgotten it when I left hse. After sometime, I tried calling my number again. It was off..... FUCK. Someone must have picked it up then. So I called to suspend my line, in case someone nut used my number to go support Jue Dui Superstar Diya (Wahahaha). Not cheap leh, God knows how many calls these fanatics will make.

So the first thing I did after work that day was to make a trip to Westmall to get a new hp. They only have 2 models of non-camera phones available, and 1 being the one that I lost (or did I??? =P). So I got the other hp, Motorola W220. A stylishly slim flip phone, with a rubber padding feel on the exterior (this hp seems built to withstand hard knocks) and a superbly kiddish screen (reminds me of Battle City on Nintendo). And while I was at it, I traded in my Nokia N6680 for a Sony Ericsson W800i. So happy with my 2 brand new purchases, I went on my way home.

Next surprise come when I sat down in front of my comp screen at home. Dear Linda has a msg for me. "Hey, your phone is with me". =

Why would my phone be with her ??? It so happens that the cabbie found my hp after that, and contacted Linda. (Why Linda? L is like in the middle of the phone list. This leads me to wonder how many pple he must have called b4 someone agrees to collect it for me....) Dear Linda is kind enough to go down to Leng Kee or somewhere near there to collect it for me. (For that, ya gonna get a kiss from me. *Muacks*) And so.... officially, I did not lose my hp after all.....

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雪儿 said...

I can't believe it!!! Linda got before me!!! Argh!!