Monday, April 26, 2010

Shanghai Dolly

I have been hanging out at Shanghai Dolly quite a lot recently, ever since the incident with Fate. Been there on Wed, Fri and Sat nites. It doesn't help that 1 of the singers there look uncannily like her. And when she sings 感动天感动地, i'll always be reduced to a wreck.

I quite like the atmosphere there, similar to Dragonfly, and I guess this is where all the Dragonfly crowd went. The crowd is kinda ah beng or rather, lao beng though. (Yea, lao beng like me) But Eugene's going Shanghai for the next couple of mths, so 1 less khaki to hang out at Dolly for the next few months.

Been talking to JZ online quite a lot recently, mainly coz of my incident with Fate. I've been in a rather foul mood at work for the past 2 weeks. My temper's been rather short lately, and I kind of flared up at her last week. I knew she's angry immediately after I scolded her, and AML msn me to confirm it. I think if it were me in the past, I would just like it be and heck the relationship. But somehow I went out during lunchtime to get flowers and card for her to apologize. I guess she mean something to me afterall.

I have not taken anyone into confidence for a long time, much less a colleague. But if I'm still not going to talk to someone abt it, I think I'll burst.


iTeenageAnorexia said...

c: Did you hear a really pretty girl singing there? o -o

That reminds me of this video I saw on youtube once ^ -^
Ha ha, good luck? ;o

Arschficker said...

ching chang chong :P

Anonymous said...

don't worry about looking like a fool, just take a risk. why be miserable? life is too short to be unhappy. either tell her you want her in your life or look for something else. (I know it's not that simple. but try.)