Thursday, August 06, 2009

First Entry For 2009

Lo and behold! Here I am again... more than 1 year after my last entry.

So many things to talk about. I just read thru several of my previous entries which i blogged during the salsa period. I'm currently retired from salsa again. I think my last dance was on a Sat nite some time back in Oct 07. Jojo and I have been together for close to 2 years now.

A lot happened in 2009. 4th auntie passed away shortly after CNY. She was diagnosed with cancer sometime back in Dec of last year. It was fast - within 3 mths, it was over. My heart just broke when I was visiting her in the hospital. She was closest to us among all our relatives. She helped out me n my bro a lot for our uni fees. And before I can start repaying her, she's not there anymore. I rem while trying to get to sleep 1 nite, I just had this sudden emotion that our family is no longer complete. Grandma left in 2006. and now she left. I can still rem them so vividly while they were still ard.

I also cleared my final ICT this 2009. Now I've officially MR (Mindef Reserves) and been presented with the Hamilton watchh. After exactly 10 years of shit, I finally have ntg to do with the army anymore. If I ever have to wear Long 4 again, it means sth seriously wrong has happened.

National Day's approaching. Shishi is leaving for the states for further education 1 day after National Day. Personally, I feel it'll be a waste of time. Nonetheless, we'll be sending her off at the airport. 5am flight. Bah!

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Michelle Hu said...

I tot ur blog was 'dead'. Sorry to hear, life goes on. Be strong!!!!