Thursday, December 27, 2007


Recently I attended Daphne's wedding at Rasa Sentosa Hotel. Yes, the same Daphne whom Eugene was head over heels for some years back. So far, I've attended quite a few fren's wedding; Regina, James, Hilda, Kim Long, Jason, and this time Daphne. But this time there is a slight difference - difference in my status. All the other times, I was single.

Actually, my perception of marriage and weddings are pretty warped ever since I knew Min was marrying Alvin. I dislike the notion of getting married. I have heard more than enough of the sweet and romantic reasons for getting married, but perceived thru my realist view, it just seemed like it's sth to just get it over and done with. To obtain a status recognised by the law, with someone whom you think you can live with. I have not tot of settling down ever since that. Sometimes I even think that I would prob not get married my whole life.

This wedding stirred up some different emotions.

As I watched the video clips of the groom going to fetch the bride at her place, I started wondering if I'd ever have the chance to do this. Being the groom. Sometimes when my imginations are loose, I'd imagine myself in wedding situations, but I'm always part of the brothers gang. Nv the groom himself. I tot abt who my brothers gang would comprise of. Prob Hanxi, Eugene, Lewis, etc.

I imagined myself taking all that the sisters gang can throw at us, cos I would not allow anything to stop me from marrying Joanne.

I imagined us walking on the red carpet, to the tunes of the wedding march.

I imagined us drinking our nuptial wines.

Sometimes life makes fun of us all. I belittle the notion of wedding when all this could happen to me. Now I can only imagine how it would be like beacuse it wun happen for us. It wun be special for her; hence it wun be special for me.

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