Sunday, September 02, 2007

Meeting On Board SQ805

The scene was n board SQ805 bound for Shanghai, on the morning of 30th August 2007. I had forgotten to put a pen in my laptop bag and needed 1 to fill up the numerous departure forms which were needed by China Custom. I was checking out the babe sitting behind me who's also furiously filling up her departure forms, thinking of borrowing her pen and possibly strike up a conversation. Along came a stewardess, noticing my plea for sth and offered her assistance.

"Can I help?" Stewardess

"Eh... can I borrow a pen from you?" Me

"Sure, here you go." Stewardess (handing me her pen)

As we look each other in the eyes, the fleeting moment of recognition registered in my mind. Before I can say anything, she goes...

"Andy Kwa" Stewardess (And she walked away)

Memories. Memories. Memories. If my thoughts can be viewed like in Dumbledore's pensieve, it'll look like this:

She was 16. I was 21.
She whom I met at the old Ridley's at ANA Hotel.
She whom immortalize the song "Once In A Lifetime" as THE romantic clubbing song.
She whom I wrote a 500 word essay to tell her y I like her.
She whom I left behind at Orchard Cineleisure, because I swore to myself not to let any more gals step over me.
She whom ask me to tuition her for her O Levels.
She whom I kiss.
She whom I bought a mango cake, 12 red roses and 2 love devils for her birthday.


It was kind of nice to meet her again this way. She did give me a bit of preferential treatment throughout the flight. The first time I finally a familiar stewardess on my flights.


雪儿 said...

Exec OL lar... sexier... hehehehe!!

Cloud Strife said...

I suppose u're an exec OL now? hahaha?