Saturday, August 25, 2007

Emergence of Xiaohei

It's been a while.... Hahaha.

I'm back on the blogging scene again. For the past month, my working hours took a drastic plunge for the worst. Tot that now that I've got a car, leaving office after work should be a case of pure bliss (minus the bus waiting, hot stuffy bus ride, standing in the mrt, 1.5 hr journey back home, etc). Who knows I end up staying later and later every day. And worse still, now that I don't need to claim taxi fare home, I ended up not keeping track of my overtime meal allowance as well. Bah!

Social life-wise (no, I have not been picking up cais), it wasn't much of a diff. Prob cos I have not been salsa-ing much nowadays. My new salsa grp sorta split after Akder went back to India. Thinking back to the days when we all have the thinking that having a car would make picking up chicks so much easier. Not too true though, or maybe I just have not been putting it to this particular use. Haha.

Well, I did go out with Jer more often nowadays. I brought her to Oosh at Dempsey Road, and she was totally ecstatic about the place. Subsequently, we went out a few more times, to Union, to Upper Club, Holland V, etc. She did tell me that she feels that I've gotten more confident now that I have a car (She calls it Xiaohei). I dunno how true this is. But it's true that I would not have initiate to ask gals out last time, like how I asked Jer out not. Even gals whom I'm interested in. And no, I dun feel like I'm going after her, well, not now anyway.

Sth funny happened 1 time when we were at JP. We were just talking abt me having not gone to Union for some time, and who I wana meet there, when just out of nowhere, Yumin appeared in front of us. I was stun beyond words, and just managed to mutter "Hi" before we walked away. I knew Yumin felt that I've always sort of like Jer, cos she did tell me last time that she notice I only dance with Jer at Union last time. And that was during the time when I sort of dun do salsa. It's been so long since I talk to Yumin. We dun even talk on msn now. There was 1 Fri nite when I went to Union with Jer, and happened to see Yumin there with her Bugs. I was sitting alone at the sofa with my back to the pool table. I knew she was behind me, and I saw her silhouette walking towards where I was sitting. Instinctively, I just stood up and walk away, without looking back. I dun know if she was walking over to talk to me, but I just did not want to talk to her just yet. Let the silence continue.

Back to Jer... sometimes I think I'm seeing shadows of Min in her also. Both have abt the same kind of family background, the same profession, the same streak of rebellious-ness, the same bit of Siao Charbor mentality sometimes. We were in my car 1 time, and it happened to play Sammi's song Bu Shang Xin. This is like my song for Min, reminding me always of the times we were together; the sweet times when we love each other to bits, the bitter times when she left me for Marcus. Jer told me she love the song also. Not many pple even know of the song I believe.

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