Saturday, July 14, 2007

Happy Birthday To Me!

Ok, a bit late to wish myself happy birthday rite now... but who cares. Anyway, it fell on a Thur which does not seem to have any celebratory feel surrounding it. Thur - the majority of the week behind it and 1 more day to the last day of the week. It somehow seemed to be the most draggy day day of the week. The day where u feel like the time seem not to move while u're in ur office.

Anyway, had a mini gathering with my JC folks. Eugene, Lewis, Duckie and Sandy at Union Square. Nobody of the usual gang there AT ALL. They must have just celebrated Miss Tng's birthday the day b4. Just as well, if not I'd might be forced to do a birthday dance. They bought me a real creamy chocolate cake, (dead giveaway that it's my birthday ya?). We played silly games to finish up the cake and taught Duckie and Sandy to dance towards the end of the nite.

Babe bought me a little cake the next day. =) Din expect that though.

Thanks to Rongyan, Kaixin and Huihui who remembers. Love you, babes!

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