Sunday, November 18, 2007

Injury-plagued Xiaohei

A spate of unfortunate events befall Xiaohei recently. Within a month, he's sustained 1 minor and 1 major injury. The carpark at the following 2 places are at the top of my blacklist now: Pearl Center and Far East Shopping Center.

There is a disgusting steep slope leading up to the carpark at Pearl Center. And better still, the gantry does not use ERP style of entry. It requires u to stop and insert the bloody cashcard. I overshot the cashcard device and gotta reverse to the damned device. After all's done, I tried going forward and found my car going backwards instead. The Honda Civic behind then decide to horn me to add to my confusion. Well.. dunno what shit went thru my mind and for a while, I tot I was driving a manual car. Being stuck on a slope with ur manual car sliding backwards? The only thing to do - jam the accelerator.


End of story.

The consequence is a payment of $76 for the Honda Civic to change it's number plate which was bent, and a series of emails on whether or not the money transfer was received.

The 2nd incident at the condemned Far East Shopping Center carpark is even more heart-wrenching. To be continued..


Serene Chia said...


So xiaohei in "hospital" now??

Cloud Strife said...

Xiaohei going "hospital" on this Thur... cos these few days still need to drive to work... =(

Serene Chia said...

Poor thing