Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Olympics Beijing 2008

Heard this news on radio on my way to work this morning. Olympics Beijing 2008 is schedule to start in a week’s time, and apparently the traffic congestion and pollution problem in Beijing is gonna be sth to concern with.

When interviewed, Beijing residents said that they are happy and in favor of the Olympics being held in Beijing, and as a sign of their passion, they will heed state advice and stay indoors as much as they can during the Olympics duration.

All non-Olympics related profession is apparently on official holiday, and the pple are encouraged to visit other states for holidays, in an attempt to reduce the number of pple in the city.

Earlier on, Beijing has implemented a traffic control scheme; whereby cars of odd and even plate number are only allowed use the highways on alternate days. However, the situation now has worsened until almost 90% of personal cars are not allowed on the highways during the Olympic duration.

I’ve ever been to Beijing a couple of times, and true enough, these 2 areas are where they need to work on. I rem a dinner apptment which my vendor, which took me 2 hrs to reach the venue, in spite of them sending a car to pick me.

So much for the Olympics…

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