Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Injury-plagued Xiaohei Part 2

It was supposed to be a simple nite of shopping and Xmas decor viewing at Orchard Road, and we made the unfortunate choice of Far East Shopping Center for our carpark. Sth rather amusing happened. Joanne has some vouchers for Isetan Scotts and we were hoping to go redeem it. Somehow, we made our way to Wisma only to learn that we can't redeem it there as it's stated Isetan Scotts only. We backtrack in search of Isetan Scotts and were pondering how we can miss this detail, and to realise that Scotts shopping center has actually been demolised!

So what happened was our brain automatically processed the next nearest Isetan to be our supposed destination when we could not find Scotts shopping center in the first instance when we pass by what used to be it's location. Anyway, ended up we have to redeem the vouchers at Isetan Shaw House.

When all's done, next came the retrieval of the car at the top floor of Far East Shopping Center carpark. Upon going down the first slope, I did my normal cornering and everything seemed to be going as usual until I heard a disgusting scratching sound which turned into such of a crunching sound. SCREEEGH ~

The rear door on the right side was wedged into the edge of a fucking pillar. I tried to reverse myself out and this causes the door to be further dented in. After much effort to minimise the damage to unwedge myself, I earned myself a $200 respray and repair cost. The spray job was a little fucked-up as well, and it leaves small little bumps on the lower portion of the resprayed door.

Oh well, what luck.... =(

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