Thursday, May 17, 2007

Back On Track

Hah... been absent from blogging for the past month plus or so. Saw the bar chart of my blog views creeping lower n lower every week. The lack of scandalous scandals involving scantily clad scandilicious gals I guess. Nonetheless I'm back today to bore the shit out of u on the boring life that I'm leading right now.

My last post was abt my job.... so where has that led me to now?

Finally talked to my boss and I firmly put across my tots as to how I m NOT going to take up the role to lead the customer support team. And how I would like NOT to be utilised as a clerk/logistics/ops personnel. That saw my career path being put back on track a bit, with a recent trip to China for more meaningful purposes. Job change? I guess that's gotta wait for a while longer. I got a new goal now: Car ! But first to curb my spendthrift habit....

1) Less taxi trips! Looking back, I'm amazed at how I could drag my ass up every morning at 6am to take the hour plus long trip to work on public transport. I nv seem to be able to do it now on a consistent basis, explaining the rise in taxi expenditure. =( New motto: MUST LOVE MRT !

2) Stop taking the car! I've been thinking of cancelling my WhizzCar subscription, but to date have still been keeping it alive in case of emergency. (Well, I vow to cut down usage or maybe not even use it. So far this month I've only taken the car once. My week in Shanghai helps though)Incessant expenditure every month. N it's not as if there's any gal out there who is a must-send for my Union nites. Well no more now, since Piggy is gone.

What becomes of the broken hearted? Who hath love that's now departed.

So what happened? That must be on the paparazzi's mind cos suddenly, it just seems to die. They no longer observes anything because ntg's happening. So did anything even happen? Hell it did. I pulled the plug on myself. She gets the idea after a while. She no longer msg me on MSN, like how she used to. Even in Union, she seldom comes over to the sofa area now, except for the occasional dance with Johnny or Zhiguang. When we see each other it'll be just a smile. A meaningless smile. I wonder if she ever thinks abt what's behind the smile. The feelings behind the smile. I guess she doesn't. She's too happy with her Bugs and life now.

I'm fine. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

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Anonymous said...

everyone around me is buying cars, they say COE will be going up, better buy early