Tuesday, February 23, 2010


After what seemed like forever, I think I finally went out on a date again.

It wasn't supposed to be a date initially i think, just hanging out for coffee or sth. End up she has not had dinner yet, and I was kinda at a lost at where to take her for dinner. FYI, I have not taken a gal out in the dating sense, for at least 2 years. My knowledge of nice places to visit are all at least 2 years old, and if fortunate, still standing.

So at the last min, I pulled Dempsey Road out of my top hat. I think a few yrs ago, not many pple would have heard of Dempsey Road, but it seems like common knowledge now. Turns out she's been to the Ben & Jerry at Dempsey before. Anyway, I took her to Oosh which has not failed to impress before (I only ever took 1 gal there b4 and she was impressed. Still that counts as 1 out of 1 rite?), until that nite. Turns out the outdoor section is closed, i guess due to it being Sunay nite, and we got an indoor seat with a "nice window view" but it was nite and we basically can't see shit. The food was bad. Little and tasteless. There goes Oosh as the secret weapon.

We went over to Ben & Jerry for waffles after that. Quaint little (actually it was quite big) place which sells a bit of everything. There's a small counter selling t-shirts n other nonsense, a bar counter, a live band section, n of coz ice-cream. It was still early after Ben & Jerry, so we drove to Holland V where we had a bit of drinks at Wala Wala. She told me quite a lot about herself, her past relationships, family, etc

We left at ard midnite and I drove her home. Was thinking that I shd give her a goodnite kiss, like how it always happened in the shows but just dun know how to go abt doing it. I wanted to walk her up (but it'll be weird to kiss her outside her door anyway), but she said it wasn't necessary. And the angle's a bit weird to attempt a kiss in the car as well. So end up with just a "goodbye and seeya again" kinda stuff. Lame.


´´Saray´´ said...

Hope you get lucky and you see her again ;) you behaved like a gentleman so that´s very nice.
Oh! I just stumbled upon your blog on pressing the button ´Next blog´ on mine so that is how I got here.
Best of luck and greetings from Spain.

Dino$ said...

better luck next time :P

Dave Sargeant said...

Long time since I dated as such but was interested in your post and how the evening went. Like Saray said I just followed next blog. Glad I visited though. My blog is called 'Beauties of creation. Anyway I somehow hope you see the young lady again. Dave.

Tina DeLane said...

Dating is hard on gals, too, but in the end I think if a date doesn't go well, it is because someone more meant to be is going to come along. If it does go well? FANTASTIC!

Digital Sperm said...

I don't think it's lame my friend. When things don't seem natural you can't just push them you know, you gotta act naturally and girls have a sense in knowing what goes on in your mind sometimes. I guess you were out of it, don't let it get you down. I think that dating is hard for guys, you are always expected to impress and to make a move and your reactions are monitored closely. So better luck next time.

Dr. Jason said...

Better luck next time man...there's always tomorrow.