Friday, May 25, 2007

10 Reasons

What I intended to blog for this entry undergo a last min change, when my other active browser which happen to be surfing Friendster realises that she's getting married soon.

She ever asked me, to give her 10 reasons y I like her.

"If I tell you, will u marry me?" I asked.

"I will consider." she said.

Usually I avoid such rhetorical questions. This is depicting love as a very methodological process, which is against my school of thought. I prefer giving a truly strong statement answer instead of making it like a 10 reasons thingy. But for her, I immediately took out a pen and tried to pen down 10 reasons, for liking her. Try as I might, I only manage 6.

Yesterday night while I was tossing in bed, it finally came to my mind how I should give her 1 true statement, which epitomises the feelings I felt with her. The literal words suddenly materialise in my head. I knew the feeling all the while, but I just can't formulate it in words. Till tonight.

I intend to blog it the first thing today, until the Friendster realisation. With that, I shall bury my love statement for her in my mind. Thou shalt not come to light no more.


audrey said...

Hey hey..

I just found it a little disconcerting how someone can ask you such a lead-on question when she obviously is in a serious enough relationship to get married.

Unless i intepreted your entry wrongly, but it would seem that you were asked this question relatively recently in order to actually think about it in bed and want to blog about it.

Seems really callous to me :P

Cloud Strife said...

erm.... the question was asked quite sometime back. the answer was tot up recently. but anyway, she's just a distraction who distracted a bit too much than it is for the good of myself. I gotta stop getting distracted sooner or later anyway. =)