Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Beach Party And Club Party

It seems I have quite a Salsa grp. A few of us organised an outing to Sentosa last Sat. Cafe Del Mar and basically just having fun on the beach. The few who went are Su Yin, Jade, Shirley, JH, and a guy called Vincent whom is supposed to be from their Beginner class.

It was a rainy affair the moment the stepped foot into Sentosa. Had a brief shelter at Cafe Del Mar, which is what used to be Sunset Bay. A very nice place indeed, though the dress code does seem a bit strange. You get guys who are dressed in fulll clubbing gear, n at the same time ladies in hot bikini attire. This place no doubt replaces KM8 as the new poseur hangout in Sentosa.

We played beach volley (and I even brought my pump! all cos of Shirley's airless volley ball!) and frisbee and were joined shortly after by the tall German babe from Bachata class. Oh yes, I took up Bachata. =) Shd have made the outing a bit earlier. We left Sentosa shortly after evening to have a 2nd round at Clarke Quay. We had our dinner eating this weird shape pizza at Harbor Front, where 1 slice is like 12 foot long.

Most favor the idea of going home to change first before going for our 2nd rd. I took the car and picked Shirley and we met the rest at Clarke Quay. MOS nite it's gonna be. Dear Suyin got tipsy on a hand-made vodka orange from 7-11.

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