Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Musical Fountain

The date with princess went well. We arranged to meet at Harbor Front MRT, and incorporated a mini game in the meeting. I'm suppose to find her at one of the 4 exits A,B,C & D without her telling me which one. I finally got it rite on the last try, as she chose the most ulu exit.

We went to watch the performance at the musical fountain in Sentosa. The foyer was packed with audience for that nite (tourists from HK or Malaysia i think). Din expect there to be such a turn-out. It was a half hr performance, and after that we tried walking to the beach area. However our pathwas impeded by numerous fenced-up area due to construction. Finally we took a bus to Siloso Beach. We had some food at the Sakae Sushi located at Siloso Beach. It was so sparse at nite that I wonder y they even bother to operate. In all there were only 3 couples eating there, n i dun expect anymore to turn up either.

After dinner, we strolled all the way down to Palawan Beach where we checked out the 2 towers at the Southern most pt of Southeast Asia. She wanted to see stars but it wasn't a particularly starry nite that nite. I can't even manage to spot 10 stars for her. We shared a kiss at the top of the tower. On our way out, I think she wanted a stroll by the beach. Fearing that we might miss the last bus out of Sentosa, I suggested otherwise. Finally we took the bus out n i accompany her on the cab home. Thank you princess for the wonderful date. =)

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