Saturday, November 20, 2004

End Of Exams

Finally the exams have ended. I think I started studying too early this sem, start of Oct I started already. Plus the exam period spanned over 3 weeks. So all in all, the high stress period is almost 2 mths long. It was a bit too much for me to take. Finally rid of this burden today. Yet I dun feel any happiness.

I wanted so much to see her today. I wanted to share my joys with her, that the exams r finally over. She refused to see me. I dun even know when she will be willing to meet me again. Maybe never. How did things come to this stand? I really have no idea. It was still ok when I accompanied her to Suntec. Now it turned bad again. or worse.

Kit asked me to just occasionally leave her a sms. But I really cant bear not to contact her. So bad that the 1st day itself I already called her at nite. Yest I called her twice also. Once when I was studying in sch, n at nite when I was abt to sleep. Today I called her again, when I was in Clementi, hoping that she would meet me. I dunno if I'm overdoing it, such that she might really get sick of me 1 day.

My appetite hasn't been good the past few weeks after these things happened. I've nv been so affected that I can't eat. I remember the worst was when min left me in 2001, when I went without a meal for a day. I actually din eat for 3 days that time over the incident with eric. And recently on n off also been skipping meals for whole days, whenever I get affected.

Its 12+ midnite now. I din msg her tonite, n i dun think she will msg to tell me that she's home either. What's gonna happen eventually?

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