Sunday, November 14, 2004

Where Is The Peace?

Whatever happened to peace? Currently its non-existent in my life, n i think it will continue to be absent for the next few mths to come. Haven been in this much emotional turmoil for quite some time. Somehow i see some resemblance in what's happening now with what's happening in 2001 with Weiling. What's with me n weilings?

I had dinner with princess today at Causeway Pt. After that, we walk from Woodlands to Admiralty. Along the way, she kept asking me if I am going after her. I really dunno how to ans her. I only kept quiet and gave some irrelevant ans.

She called me last nite, crying. She was supposed to have supper with him. She asked if i'm sad when she told me she's meeting him for supper. I just said no. Was I happy when she called me, crying? I dun know either. I knew sth must have gone wrong when I saw her name on my hp. But I can tell from her cries that she still likes him a lot a lot. Probably more than she ever would like me. But what could I do? I could only lend my shoulder, lend my ear, lend anything that she might need from me. Isn't that the role that I shd be playing now?

On thur nite, she accompanied me to study at her void deck thru-out the nite. I wonder y she is willing to accompany me to study. It was an outrageous idea in the first place. I went over to her place at 3am in the morning, after studying with hanxi in sch. She accompanied me to study thru the nite and I went for my paper the next day without any zzzzz...

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