Wednesday, November 24, 2004

FYP Fever

Back to FYP now that the exams r over. Finally I got some clear directions from Prof Seet regarding my FYP. First things first: interim report due on 29th Nov. Come up with the content page for the final report and the 1st chapter, consisting of the background, on exoskeleton. Next, come up with the prototype of the interface between the exoskeleton and the arm n back surface. Next, come up with the prototype of the mechanized movement of the arm, powered by a motor, incorporating the interface sensors in it. Finally, a theory paper on the fabrication of the entire exoskeleton arm. Sounds like a daunting task. Haven even started on the interim report yet.

I'm trying to numb my feelings now by engrossing myself in my FYP. Somehow it doesn't seem to be working very well. She's still not taking my calls and I haven seen her on msn for 2 days already. Must u really go to this extent?

Stuck in the lib now, trying to do come up with sth for the background on exoskeleton. I can't help but be reminded of the times when we corresponded on msn ever so often. I would leave my msn on while I went for lessons, and after lessons I will be so eager to go back to the lib to chat with her n see if she has left me any msgs. I guess those were the best times of my life this yr. Now I'm left with an emptiness in my mind, devoid of feelings for anyone except her.

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