Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Happy Birthday Princess

Today is princess' birthday. However, i din plan anything for her. In fact I haven heard from her the whole day, though i did sms her twice. She din reply though. I keep feeling that sth is amiss. I can't really place my finger on what's wrong, but sth seems to be not right.

I did meet her yest though. I went to her place to post her birthday card, n accompany her down to suntec for a wedding dinner. She looks gorgeous in a black tube n black pants. I feel so happy just being with her. Everytime when we were together, things would seem to go really fine. But when we r chatting at nite on the phone or msn, I could somehow sense some reluctance in her. Maybe I'm imagining things.

We r supposed to go out tomolo. I wonder if the date still stands, having not heard from her the whole day. Our relationship is like a candle in the wind. It could be there 1 moment and vanish the next. Just a blink n everything could disappear.

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