Thursday, November 11, 2004

I'm At Peace ; My Love Is Limitless

I've nv been good at handling affairs of the heart. I'm overly impulsive, not able to take a step back and look at things and tend to do things on impulse. I handled the matter with princess very poorly as well.

I've sort of come to a decision, well, can't exactly be called a decison, but rather i've come to terms with what's happening, and right now hopes to be at peace with everything. Now i can feel what hanxi is feeling mths back when he's still bothered over caizhi. I've not been this much troubled by a gal since min left me for marcus 4 yrs ago. I tot I will be able to control my emotions after that but who knows. The feeling of finding love again really got to me. So much so that i really let go of all inhibitions and love unconditionally. But its an illusion after all. I dun blame anyone, apart from myself. For not being able to see things clearly.

If she'll like me, eventually she will. If she wun, no matter what i do wun help also. I really got to take a step back and live with it now. No matter what decision she makes, as long as she's happy will do. I'll just do my part to make her happy. My love is limitless.

Thank you hui and jasmine, for talking to me n hearing what i have to say. Thank you xuanhu for letting me see things from other views. Sorry to everybody that i have troubled cos of my inability to handle my life well. Thank you princess for making me really feel loved.

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