Sunday, November 07, 2004

She Lied To Me

She lied to me. She has a bf. All the while I have the feeling that it's too good to be true. Well, guess i'm rite. I'm back to square one once again.

I dunno what i'm feeling now. Disappointed? Definitely. Angry? Maybe. Sad? I keep telling myself not to. I'll nv bow down to this kind of setbacks ever again.

But how do i pack up my feelings and move on? Everything was still oh-so-nice just yest. I bought her a sunflower. She bought me chocs. She told me how she wished she had known me earlier. I pretended that there was no hidden meaning. She told me she doesn't want a relationship now. I pretended that there was no hidden meaning too.

But somehow i knew. All the while I knew. I knew there had to be a catch somewhere. I just dun wish it to happen. Pretended it was all going to be just fine. Pretending that this is all really happening. Pretending that i'm going to find love again, after all this while.

Oh yes, I'm the great pretender
Pretending that I'm doing well
My need is such I pretend too much
I'm lonely but no one can tell

Oh yes, I'm the great pretender
Adrift in a world of my own
I played the game but to my real shame
You left me to dream all alone

Too real is this feeling of make believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can't conceal

Oh yes, I'm the great pretender
Just laughing and gay like a clown
I seem to be but I'm not you see
I'm wearing my heart like a crown

Pretending that you're still around

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