Tuesday, October 26, 2004

I Called Princess!!!

On fri nite, I called princess for the first time. Actually, she sort of ask me to call her at nite when we were still chatting on msn in sch. So I decided to sacrifice my 1 hr of bikini babe time on chn 8 and call princess instead. It's been some time since i chatted with a gal on the phone. The first conversation was still alrite, with just a bit of awkward pauses in between. But all in all, I lost none of my old magic. =P

We chatted in english mostly thru-out but I find that she's effectively bilingual too. Her voice was a bit of a surprise to me though. It sounded a bit sultry, slightly low pitch n seductive. Not the girlish giggly voice i had expected. Our conversation lasted not very long, but it was a good start nonetheless.

I called her again last nite n this time we had a long chat, from 11+ till 4+ in the morning. She asked me to guess her birthday date n i got it rite on the first try. Bingo! 16th of Nov. Fate? hehe
She wanted me to cook for her on our first date. For that, I actually consulted mum on how to cook rice n today i learnt how to make pork cutlet n fry an egg. What's happening to me?? haha

We arranged our first date on the coming fri. She wanted to catch the Musical Fountain performance at Sentosa. Which wasn't too hard a task. Now the countdown to the big day begins. However, I haven heard from her all day today. She's suppose to take her hp for repair, which i think may be the reason y she did not reply my sms n call. That sounds like a likely reason, but in my mind I keep having negative tots that she's gonna play me out after all.

I really hope that this can be a new start for me. So pls let her be real.

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