Saturday, December 04, 2004

The Road To Recovery Lies In Time

Sometimes I tot of terminating this blog. The reason y i stop writing diary last time was because it was too hard to pen down my feelings, after suffering any emotional setbacks. I don't want to feel the sadness again as I write. Well, now it's pretty much the same prob ; reliving the sadness as i blog.

She said she lost the feeling for me already. I can't blame her for that also. We've only been seeing each other for 2 weeks. And now its already 2 weeks that we have not seen each other. Feelings? What's left of it now? Be it whether she purposely said that to make me stop looking for her, or she really don't feel anything for me anymore, it's going to eventually put a stop to this. In a way, I'm glad that she told me that. Wanting me to accept the fact that she likes me but yet does not want to see me is harder. Now that she's put it this way, I can't hold on to it anymore. Remember back during good times, she would go online purposely to see if i'm ard. But now we can both be online the whole day yet nv talk at all. The way things change makes me feel so sad.

I don't feel the 'fate' with her. For some gals, such as adeline & gillian, I have the feeling that our paths will cross again one day. Others such as weiling, I know our fate's a bit thin. Not much chance of running into them. Princess falls into the latter category too.

Now, to finally pick myself up n move on.

"I'm gonna pick up all those pieces and what's left of my pride,
I'm feeling like a Monday but someday I'll be Saturday night."

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