Saturday, January 29, 2005

Integrating Interest With Work?

Was chatting with a fren abt this topic which I found quite interesting as I gave it more tot. Pple always say that having the chance to work in a field where ur interest lies is the best kind of job. I gave it some tot, n shortlisted what my interest can get me as a job.

1) I can be a basketball player.

2) I can be a video game tester. (Play games all day, sounds like good? keke)

3) I can be a car/bike racer. (This stems from the fact that i like driving n riding) I guess u could say I can be a chaffeur as well then.

4) I can be a singer/actor. (I think nobody knows this but I've always wanted to perform)

5) I can be a Sentosa beach patroller. (Just an excuse to be a beach bum)

6) I can be a gigolo. (it's obvious what I like here rite? haha)

7) I can be an archealogist/paleontologist. (I feel like an old geek here)

8) I can be a historian.

9) I can be a movie/book critic.

10) I can be a pool player or bowler.

11) I can be a wrestler. (In Singapore????)

12) I can be a club/pub manager. (Since I like nite life so much)

13) I can be a police. (Somehow, Lewis & Eugene got this idea from somewhere that my childhood ambition is to be a policeman)

14) I can be a soldier. (War movies always touched me in some ways)

15) I can be a psychologist. (I can read pple's mind =P)

16) I can be a short dist runner. (Nobody's gonna believe this but my event is 100m. Think will have to shed some weight first, though in my heart I always believe I can still do it. haha)

17) I can be a food tester.

18) I can be a cartoonist. (Drawing's not really my field here, just that at a moment in time was inspired to draw, after watching Titanic)

19) I can be a physicist. (Think all the Michael Crichton books have gotten to me)

20) I can be a ship's captain. (This is the ideal job for me after doing a test which matches ur personality traits with ur job scope. Don't ask me why)

As u would probably realise, this list is crap. Unless i'm a dreamer, I dun see myself being any of the above. 4 yrs in NTU really change my thinking a lot, in ways that I din even realise. It made me a really practical person now, no longer the dreamer I was when I was younger. So what will be the most likely job for me?

21) Engineer.

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