Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fading Memories

I am happy recently. Is it because of her? Cos we've been talking again. Actually, our 2 week relationship is already starting to blur in my mind. Time really washes away everything, whether u want it to or not. But I guess I did want time to heal me that time, well, u've got to want to get well in order to get well right? As i always said..... I suddenly tot of sth I said to eugene in ages past. "Y do I have to suffer for 1 yr for that few weeks of happiness we had together?" That was really long ago. JC 2. I guess I din want to suffer this kind of self-despair anymore this time.

Going.... going.... but nv gone. I guess this will be the way for me, for the time being at least. I woke early today, was fidgeting with my exoskeleton on Solidworks when Shania Twain's You've Got A Way suddenly blared from my WinAmp. Suddenly I can feel memories floating back into my head, scenes from that nite. How she lay in my arms, how I held her and kiss her when this song was playing. "I too lost in you". Does she mean me? Or was it refering to him?

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