Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Andy's Guide To Getting Over Someone (Part 2)

Ok, here's the real deal. I'll summarise my guide in 3 main pts.

1. Out of sight, out of mind.
2. Mind over matter
3. Time heals all wounds

4. (optional) Get someone new

Out of sight, out of mind.
I personally employed this method in the incident with Miss G. (all identities r classified to lessen embarrasment for myself) There r 2 scenarios to this. Scenario 1, u get to see the gal everyday or on a regular basis, inevitably. May be due to same sch, same workplace, etc. Scenario 2, u dun get to see the gal at all unless its thru intentional means. Eg: u have to ask her out, or u r stalking her, etc. Scenario 1 would be a more sticky situation. My advice is to avoid her at all cost. I repeat, VERY intentional avoiding.

If u know she will be in place A, then u better go to place B.
If u know she will be at place A n u r suppose to be at place A, dun go.
If u r at place A n u happen to see her at place A, pretend u did not see her n leave place A fast.
If u r at place A n u happen to see her at place A n she knows u have seen her, do not acknowledge her. leave place A after that.

This might seem like the cowards' way out. But if it works, i do not care whether u call me a coward or a wimp or a yellow-bellied duck-billed platypus.

On to scenario 2. If u r in scenario 2, u r pretty much in a LPPL situation. In this age of modern technology, seeing someone is not the only way u can communicate with her. Other ways of communication include hp, sms, online, psychic telepathy, etc.

If u need to ask her out in order to see her, then simply dun ask her out.
If u r stalking her, go play Metal Gear Solid 3 instead. It's much more interesting.
Do not attempt to communicate with her via any non verbal forms of communication like sms, msn, icq, irc.

Self restraint is the key here. I remember I was studying in nus with eugene that time, on the 2nd storey of the computing block, when was Miss G walking pass below on her way home. My first impulse is to pick up my hp n sms her. As my hand reach out for the hp, it stopped in midair, n i asked myself "what good will it do if I told her I'm here?". It wun make any difference at all. Just like the "how have u been?" or "how r u recently?" or anything along this line msgs that u've been wanting to send her. It wun make any difference. period.

To be continued...

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