Sunday, February 06, 2005

Taken For Granted?

Am I always so nice to gals that I ended up being taken for granted? In a sense, yes. Maybe it can be attributed to my own chee hong ways, being especially nice to gals whom i'm hong-ing in the beginning when I just knew them. It's pretty amazing to look back n see how my companions in my uni life r 90% gals. I've been eating lunch with gals for the past few yrs in uni. I remember there was a moment in time when I was always helping frens (read as : gals) buy, print, photocopy, or source for notes. Whenever any gals asked for anything, i'll somehow reach out to all my sources and get a copy of it. Especially when the gal in question is j****.

Till a moment in time, it became like i'll only be contacted when assistance is needed. Not that I mind helping them source for stuffs they need, but sometimes I wonder if my efforts' appreciated. Maybe it has become like a norm to them ; Need something? Look for andy ; this kind of thing. That was during yr 2, where I got to know 4 babes in 1 sem. My 4 belles of MPE j****, c********, v*****, & m*******. =P Well, some of them have now been elevated to good frens status with me already, so there isnt really any feelings of exploitation. But still I wonder, is it worth it to be the nice guy? Nice guys finish last. They nv get the gals. As is evident in this case.

Feeling lousy for the past week. The events this weekend din help much. Last sat she told me she wanted to watch Phantom. I told her we could make it in time that nite if we took cab, which I dun mind. She said she'll think abt it, but din get back to me in the end. I asked her abt it again on tue n again I din get a reply. Till wed nite after the show's last screening, she told me she caught it on tue when I asked her abt it. Taken for granted? Yeah, big time. But then again, I'm not anyone significant to her fro her to have a resposibility towards either. What to do? Suck thumb, n tell myself not to be such a fool next time.

Kinda got played out by someone else today too, when I ask her whether if she wants to meet up for a drink. She said yeah, n would confirm with me later, but that's the last I heard from her the whole day. So what is this again? Just my luck. I dun wana spent CNY moping like what I did last year. Actually for the previous yrs, I've always spent CNY with a longing for someone in mind at that time. It was min in 2001, gillian in 2002, jiani in 2003 & min again in 2004. Let me spend CNY this year in peace.

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