Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Andy's Guide To Getting Over Someone (Part 1)

"How To Mend A Broken Heart". That was the title of the book that min was reading when we just broke up. I went back to Sig Park to collect my things, n i saw the book lying by the the bedside table. I picked it up n the title gave me a shock. It broke my heart to see her reading sth like this. Regrets. Y din i apologise to her and make everything fine back then, when obviously she still meant so much to me. Ok, on to the main topic for today:

Andy's Guide To Getting Over Someone

Step 1 : Give urself a slap in the face and tell urself to wake up ur idea. (If u can't do the slapping part, get a fren to do it for u)

Step 2 : Refer to Step 1

Step 3 : Refer to Step 2

Step 4 : Refer to Step 3

Step 5 : You really dun get it, do u? Ok, sth for a change. Try the infamous 'bang ur head against the wall' method employed by daf's ex-bf. (Note: Gals, do not attempt to stop this move as u will end up with a fractured finger, which u will lie abt by saying u caught it in a door)

Step 6 : Seems u r really in quite a fix, aren't u? See me! (Written in red, like how ur pri sch teacher would write on ur report card)

Notice i left out the 'jump off a building' option. Highly discouraged. If u really wish to do that, make sure it look like an accident or foul play is involved. Easier to claim insurance.

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