Sunday, January 09, 2005

Defecting To Samsung?

Hmmmm... the first weekend of the new sem, n what could i be doing? Yeah, i'm at home. It's been a rainy day anyway, was thinking of going to get a new hp. Thinking of signing up with a new line from Starhub so i can get the hp at a cheap price. I changed my M1 plan last nite also finally, to SunTalk 150. Someone some time ago has lamented at how i always said i wana change my hp plan but nv get it done. Well, finally got it done. Now just deciding between 3 phones to get. 2 Samsung n 1 Panasonic. Haven been keeping in touch with hp models for some time, no idea what r their model numbers. Just a matter of whether i wana part with $198, $148 or $138.

Yest was fri n i was talking to michi online after sch. I told her that i was going to ask someone out later, n that most prob i will end up asking michi to go lim jiu with me that nite, becos the someone will not wana see me. I haven had a good nite's out for a long time already. Since eugene went to the states, I have cut down on clubbing, not cos i want to but more like no choice. Used to club quite often with him and his gang of frens, malcolm, wensong, cuixia and co, and even earlier when it'll be the 3 of us : lewis, eugene & me. Had some pretty unforgettable clubbing memories together, like how we got to know daf, cas & sharon, and also adeline n xinyi.
malcolm & cas got together after that, n its a pretty good feeling how we helped put 2 individuals together.

Eugene will be back soon, n i hope we will revive the party, get it started again. 1 more sem of nite life b4 finally graduating n moving on to sth better. haha. Looking forward to seeing u bro. We will rock the world again. =)

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