Monday, January 24, 2005

Painting The Town Red Again

I guess the 3rd installment of "andy's guide to getting over someone" will have to be delayed. Not in the kind of mood to discuss getting over someone this few weeks. Maybe cos I've been going out a lot more since eugene came back, interacting with more pple, n it generally puts me in a happier mood.

I went clubbing with eugene & weian on thur at chinablack. Some NUS bash going on. Weian actually introduced us to some of his gal frens. haha. Unfortunately I spoiled the nite as I KO pretty soon. Dunno who's bright idea it was to bring vodka n drink b4 we went inside. We downed the vodka with sprite at the Mac outside b4 we went back in. Actually I was still feeling pretty fine when we were inside waiting for weian who got stuck in the re-entry queue. Still fine when weian went to get dunno how many jugs for the grp. Still fine when we went downstairs n stood on the edge of the dancefloor. It was when they started to move inside the crowd into the dancefloor that I start to blur. Suddenly I couldn't see them in front of me anywhere. I had to get eugene to bring me out of the dancefloor and we eventually ended up outside chinablack with me puking my guts out. I was still consciously aware of what i'm doing n even tot of going back in again. But sometimes the mind is willing but the body is weak. =( So no choice but for eugene to see me home. What a ending to a good nite's out. I've nv drink till I puke so badly b4, not since the SOC chalet lah... haha.

Miraculously, I din wake with a splitting headache the next day. keke. We went Party World at Orchard the next day, with wensong, joey, cuixia, shuling, fengmin n her.... eh.... fren. Met up for dinner with the gang for dinner after that, lewis, jon & shuling. Hui supposed to join us too but couldn't make it in the end when we changed the venue.

I always do stupid things when I drink. In 2001, I called weiling after drinking at black. In 2002, I went up to gillian at zouk n told her how much I liked her. This time I did sth silly again. I sms princess n told her I missed her terribly. Like how she used to say she miss me. I din expect her to reply, but she did. She was surprised that I msg her sth like that, that she even asked if I got the rite number.

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