Sunday, October 10, 2004

Ebby, Irene, Princess, Eye Candy

It's almost 6am in the morning, and i'm stoning in fron of the comp. Felt awful after watching yi tian tu long ji last nite. A bit like hangover like that, feel like my head's falling off my shoulders. So i tried lying on my bed n here I am now, awake at 6am in the morning.

Tried submitting the M141 project thru edventure just now but the damn thing keep hanging. How the fuck they expect us to do a proper online submission if the damn sch server keep giving us such probs? Vivi msg n said the same thing, guess i'm not the only one having probs.

I was staying in sch lib to study again on fri, n again I saw my eye candy. Seems like she too is staying back almost everyday, but she's with the Shawn Yue everytime. Seems she has also started to notice me, cos we just seem to pass by each other so coincidentally. I think my luck's at work here again. Do I really have this kind of luck??!! Anyway, maybe shd try to give a smile or sth the next time we see each other.

Princess went Bangkok over the weekends, kinda missing her a little. She invited me to view her online photos. I wonder if we'll ever meet up. I guess not in the near future, when the exams r imminent. Maybe during the holz can go out. She seems like a rich gal, can just go Bangkok for shopping trip, and used to having bf who drives. Is this putting some form of pressure on me?? I wonder y it shd bother me. =

Caught ebby online while I was in lib on thur. She read my mail when i told her that i mailed her. She was on her way out for jogging then, and told me we'll talk abt it when she's back. I dunno what to expect from her, another laughing-it-off and ridicule me session?? I think that's most prob what will happen, I shdn't expect too much from someone like her, isn't it? = Anyway, she told me irene's broken up with her bf. No wonder haven been seeing her ard these days.

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