Sunday, October 03, 2004

Disturbing Dream

i had a hell of a dream last nite, or rather this morning, cos i think it was already morning time when i had the dream, though still sleeping.

I dreamt of min.

In the dream, i dunno where we were, but the scene seems like an airport. There was a man blaring on a mircophone in the background and we were in a sort of a lounge. I found her in a depressed state sitting on the sofa, with ice-cream on her face. She was expressionless, like how she always were after we quarrel.

I took out a piece of tissue n help her wipe the ice-cream of her face, n she started sobbing. She said Alvin found out that she kept a sms of mine which she did not know was sent by me. So apparently they had a quarrel cos of that n he left her in this state. I started crying also as i wipe her face, seeing how sad she was. The crying part seem so real. I could never bear to see her sad. I wonder if i was crying as i lay sleeping in my bed also. i suspected i did.

I never tot i could feel this much emotions in a dream. For someone whom i had wanted to leave behind n move on.

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