Saturday, October 23, 2004

1st Driving Experience

Had my first drive after I got my license. Went back to sch to study at 12am on wed nite with Hanxi. We park at canteen B n studied till abt 2 plus then pack up. After that I did the driving on the trip home. Was quite easy since no cars on the expressway also, but still got a bit of jitters. And with Hanxi beside me with his non-stop comments doesn't help much either.

Meiting called me yest, asking if i know fo any good private driving instructor. She stopped for a yr after she failed her tp a 2nd time. The way she fail her 2nd try came as quite a shock to me - she drove the entire test inn 2nd gear!!!! I can imagine what Hanxi would say abt it had he heard this. Even I couldn't really comprehend, how her instructor nv warn her abt not changing to appropriate gears. Anyway, I advised her to switch over to learn at BBDC, but i think the change of policy at BBDC would mean it's much less trainee-frenly than private instuctors.

Last nite as I lay on my bed attempting to get to sleep, I tot of asking princess out on the coming sat. I wanted to call her n talk to her, haven talk to her on the phone b4. Dunno whether it will be too rush, with only a day's notice. Most prob she wun be free also. And what's gonna happen when we go out? Will everything go nice n smooth as I had tot? Will we have probs regarding communications, frequency, etc? To put it simply, can we click?

Haven gone on a date that puts me so much on my nerves for a long while. I'm scared it wun be the natural me that turns up, and I end up have to put on a false front or sth. It usually happens when I attach too much significance to the date.

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