Sunday, October 17, 2004


I went to watch 2046 with Lewis today. Can't exactly say i like the show, but neither do i dislike it. Its another of those kind of artistic chinese movie, without a plot and ends suddenly, leaving pple with their own interpretations.

Well, actually part of me thinks the show is crap, while another part sort of appreciate the meaning the show. I guess its the right-brain versus the left-brain again. All along I've actually been more inclined towards arts n literary subjects, but ever since JC where i decide to go into science stream have I became more of a man of numbers n figures.

Now i'm sort of like a neither-here-nor-there person. Guess that makes me a better person also.
Science novels always interest me, like those by Michael Crichton n Dan Brown. But Dan Brown mixes in his novels a great deal of historic informations of arts, which makes it even more alluring for me.

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