Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Fundamentals Of Heat & Mass Transfer

I slept thru the M492 n M462 lecs today. In my bed. And i skipped the whole of fri lessons last week. So much for being a renewed guy after the sem break. Still skipping my lessons like last time, if not more.

But seriously, who can understand lecturers like Li Lin & Kim Wangdo. Not to mention the suspender-man.

Finally bought my first textbook of the sem. Or shall I say finally have money to buy my textbook. Fundamentals Of Heat And Mass Transfer. Spent 3 hrs in the lib to cover what is sufficient to do tut 1. How efficient.

Been smoking a lot lately. Sometimes will have craving for a smoke when i'm out of cigs. This doesn't look good.

Think I better see less of vivi from now on. This is getting nowhere. No more dyeing of hair.

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