Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Allure Of C

Ah... I have decided to cast aside my NTU Love Story for a while, as it doesn't seem too popular as reflected by the number of comments; a grand zero. Yeah, who cares abt what this beast went thru in NTU anyway??? We're all more interested in the present love story, ain't that rite??? Hehehe...

Erm.. for a start, there isn't much of a love story currently to speak of. Maybe things r just starting to get interesting. Well that's where all the fun part of being in love lies rite? The part when everything seem so uncertain; n u r being kept on ur toes, second-guessing what every little movement of her fingers might mean, when she could just be whisking away a fly. (Oh man, my heart is just not suited for this kind of excitement no more)

Actually my heart remains relatively unmoved, but it's just a few things which even I was shocked to noticed abt myself, that made me think that this gal is actually starting to gain a foothold in my heart. Let's just call her C. (I hope to hell she doesn't read my blog)

We went clubbing with a few common frens, namely E, D, S and another C which I shall call C2. (Heh.. not much help here) C was supposed to join us at a later time, and prior to her arrival, D was asking me how I'm feeling abt seeing C later. I tried to consider the qn seriously, sth like a gauge on whether I'm really into her; if I'm really excited or happy to see her. (Whether if i have the "heart as though little deer anyhow whack" feeling) I actually felt pretty normal, of coz looking forward to seeing her, but not having the butterflies in stomach kinda feeling. And when she turns up, I made a shocking discovery!!! I found myself hesitating to smoke in her presence!!! So I ended up not smoking the whole nite when she was with us. Usually I dun give a damn what gals would think of my smoking habits, but for her, I am actually hesistant to let her know that I smoke. Just a pt which I found pretty illogical.

Anyway, that clubbing nite was the last time I saw her, and that happened ard 2 weeks back. We correspond mainly on msn n using sms; I have yet to attempt to do a phonecall. Till now, we r still relatively formal frens. There is still that awkward politeness in our msn n sms conversations. D told me that C questioned her if I call all my female frens babe, as I called her babe a couple of times. Last weekend after clubbing, I came closest to doing sth fantastic. I pretty much did it without thinking, (was rather high after the Graveyard) I sms C goodnite n told her I missed her. I din get a reply for the whole day next day, n I tot I prob blew it n scared her away; Till at nite when we talked on msn. She asked if I was drunk the previous nite, n I got to say sth lame that I probably was...

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TurBZ said...

C?? alamak C for?? caiZ??
good for it.. come to think of it.. u need more graveyard to enhance or rather make up for the fact tat ur balls are getting smaller n smaller.. hey turbz.. remb the golden phrase?? No guts no cha bor.. wahahaha.. stop smoking.. get a clean shave get a nice neat hair cut.. U are the man!! have some confidence can??