Saturday, January 21, 2006

NTU Love Story Year 2 Sem 1

The Day came and went without any fanfare. I did not pop the qn, neither did anything spectacular happened. But we did go out consecutively for 3 days prior to the The Day. At first I wasn't even supposed to go out with her on my birthday. Till on the actual day itself, I found myself without any program. I had purposely made myself free on that day, JUST IN CASE I can get sth going with Gillian. (And my mates more or less knew I have in mind to try some stunt, so they had decided not to jio me for anything on that day)

She had sth on that day already, but upon knowing I've got no programs, she did ask if I wana do anything. So she actually cancel her apptment to go out with me, which I tot was really nice of her. Well, the reason I din pop the qn was cos I kind of pop the semi-qn like just a few days b4 that, (which is to say I tried to test water) and the result came back negative. She wasn't really that into me yet. Yet. I tot that was the keyword. Well, it really IS the keyword, but another unmentioned keyword here is TIME. I tot I would just continue the pursue, as she has started to change her opinion of me as someone who generally fools ard - cast the net and see what u might get in it kind of guy. (Ok, some of u r gonna disagree on this, we shall debate that another time. At least let me look good in this blog entry first ya? =P) I told her abt my relationship with Min and how it went awry, n how it put so much hate into me. That time it still took a lot out of me when I relate my failed relationship. She could see the emotions in my face. How much I actually feel abt things. So after the June holz it did seem like we might be getting somewhere.

I can't be more wrong.

Things got progressively downhill after that. There were arguments. Actually I dun understand how there can be arguments. I mean we r not even an item yet. And already we r disagreeing on issues and end up arguing. Most times over my lack of sensitive-ness. And 1 major incident over who's gonna bring Xinyi to Orange during her faculty bash. To cut the story short, towards mid September, she deemed us as near-to-impossible to be together. I tried to hold on for a while, but somethings r just too much for me to take at that time. With that, the story ends...

The setting shift back to NTU.

I started wondering, y I keep having 'extra-marital' affairs like this instead of just trying to concentrate on the crops in my own sch. Vicinity is the key, ain't it? And hence I start my crop harvesting plan in NTU. Heh heh...

Due to my shy (what !!??) nature, I only got aquainted with 1 new gal this sem. OK, that's crap. I'm going to admit what a jerk I am actually. Be prepared. I do selective fren-making. It helps if u r a babe. (Oh man, it helps a lot!) Not to say I shun un-babeish gals, just that I wun hong u as much. (I'm so gonna expect numerous flamings for saying this) Anyway, I dare say it is true for most guys. They just dun admit it anyway. Anyway, since they have broken up the class that we have in yr 1, this sem I'm pretty much on my own. I dun really plan my timetable with my mates as I have my own agenda, dun wana compromise anything shd I need to plan with frens who happen to have conflicting timetables. I operate alone for most things anyway.

So for the early part of this sem, the gal in qn I got to know was Christine. We happen to share the same Comm Skills class. (What better class to know gals than this?They r practically teaching u how to communicate. Whahaha!!!) Anyway, I heard stories abt a Miss Sg pageant gal in my cohort but till now then I'm able to place a face on this person. Well, Christine wasn't really my kind of gal, but she deserves special mention since she appear in my NTU life anyway.
We got on relatively well, where I often help her with stuffs like notes n reminding her of impt dates. (She tells me she get constant reminders from frenscos she blur like sotong) Hell, I virtually helped everyone with their notes and stuffs.

This was also the sem that I got to know my hottest babe of NTU, Jiani and Vivian. Vivian was Rebecca's fren, whom I caught occasional glimpses of during my 1st year. This sem, Yingying would meet Rebecca for lunch on every Tuesdays, and Vivian would join them. Yingying asked me along too, and that's how I got to know her. Coupled with occasional chance meetings on our way to sch, and the fact that we both from MPE, we gradually began to hang out together more n more. The interesting things with Vivian start only in the next sem, for now everything is still quiet on that front.

The way I got to know Jiani was even more championship; sth better not to be revealed here. Haha. I got to know her during the EID period during the Dec holidays. Everyday I would gladly go for EID with the hope of seeing her. Our first meeting (initially we r more of like virtual frens) was when she wants to take some notes from me and we had a short meeting at Suntec. She was working part-time at a pub at Tanjong Pagar that time, n various times I wanted to go check it out and see her but she wasn't really in favor of the idea. Towards the starting of sem, we actually planned our timetables to share some common classes. With that, I started the next sem full of hope.

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