Sunday, February 26, 2006

Life After Work...

Heh.. unknowingly, I have been blogging for more than a yr already. (Though recent entries r less frequent due to my hectic work which deprives me of anything interesting to blog abt) Ever since I started work, I've been thinking frequently abt upgrading myself; be it career-wise or social-wise. To learn new things, to pick up new hobbies and activities.

In terms of leisure, I start with picking up salsa. Unknowingly, I have already progressed till the middle of Intermediate level already, but still I feel like an amateur. Most prob the result of a lack of practise. I still dun have the confidence to just ask a gal for a dance, as I would not be spontaneous enough to execute just any moves that come to mind; to lead the gal without messing things up. I still rely too much on memorising or planning in mind what moves I wana do. The past few times at Union Square I did not really enjoy myself as I'm actually restricting myself, not daring to just ask someone for practise. Till last fri I was there. B4 I go I was still hesitating as I was expecting it to be just another boring session there. Then I just decide to fuck it and go n try to get as much out of my time there as I could.

Just as I was making my way to Union Square on the 2nd floor of Amara Hotel, I met Priscilla, 1 of only 2 gals in my Salsa class that's worth a 2nd glance. We chat as we made our way to Union, and somehow I felt that I would actually enjoy myself this nite. (A babe for company certainly helps any cause, u see?) Well, in the end I actually did enjoy myself that nite, just being pro-active and mixing ard with the pple from class that were there that nite. I'm even thinking of going on to learning Barcharta and Rueda after Salsa. They r planning a ktv outing next week, but very likely I'll have to miss that. Dunno what time I'll be back from Shanghai. =(

Apart from dance, I've developed a liking for live band performances. Any place for chilling and with a decent live band performing would be an ideal place for a weekend nite's out. Booze, smoke, music, babes. Hard to resist this kinda combination ya? I like the band outside Indochime at Wisma. The indoor female band isn't half bad as well. Yest just been to Timbre where the live band is similar to watching a concert. Loof is a very good hang out place as well, as a lack of live band.

Well... career-wise.... I would like to learn abt investing. Anyone who can give me any guidance or any courses I can attend? I would like to pick up financial accouting as well, would have took up the CFA course with Shuling had company not signed me up with a commerical law course, which I have no idea when it'll start.

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