Monday, February 06, 2006

I'm Reduced To A Wreck Again

I'm a miserable wreck....

I'm finding mounting pressure on myself whenever I chat with Miss C. It's affecting me like how it was during the first time with Gillian. So the conversation always ended up sounding kinda polite and formal, hard to establish the flow which comes with simply relaxing and talking crap.
This is preventing me from even trying to call and chat on the phone. If I can't even get sth going online, what r the chances of doing it over the phone?

Y m I suffering from this again? I tot I'm pass that phase already. Or is liking her really putting on that much pressure on me? I'll have NIL chances if I dun even make phone calls to her. Now I can just talk crap with Miss J online, since the crush has already passed. The prob lies with Miss C now. Y is it always like this?

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