Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Official Unemployment

"The moment the invigilator says 'Please stop writing', it would also mean that....... u r officially unemployed."

This was what Prof Phee said.

But for the now, I would jump at the chance to be unemployed, than to go back for another sem. The latter seems like a more probable case for now. Even with only 4 modules, I still manage to screw it up. Dun recall any other sem when I can barely do half the paper for all my modules. The past 2 nites I've been studying deep into the nite cos of the backk-to-back papers on mon n tue. At times, I feel so frustrated with myself. I had the whole sem to study for it and yet there I was, rushing like mad just to finish as much of the syllabus as possible. After that, what's left is just to psyche myself up for the paper. Mental strategy.

FYP presentation next fri. Last hurdle to clear. May will be a mth of uncertainty. Is it time to ste into the next phase of life? Or another half a yr of sch to go? Actually I'm more or less mentally prepared even if I have to stay another sem. Take it as a kind of break; a haitus for myself. My uni life have been so rushed, everything comes and goes in the blink of an eye. But of coz I'd much rather do without that. Strange to say but I feel ntg significant after the paper, which is supposed to be the last paper for me.

Met Vivian at the mrt station b4 the paper. This is likely to be the last time that I'm going to see her for a long time to come. No more sch, unlikely to ask her out, no ntg. All good things must come to an end. I guess this is it. Gotta move on now.

I bought sth for Liz today. Just sth simple and interesting. After that day at harbor front, I started to think that there might be other guys on the scene. Or rather, another guy whom she might be genuinely interested in. I din just say this out of ntg, its cos of the little little details abt her that I observed. She din let on abt anything either. Maybe I'm paranoid again.

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