Thursday, April 14, 2005

The Legend Of Cloud Strife

It started with Cloud in 1997 - the era of IRC. Everybody has internet. Everybody chats on IRC at nite. Except me. There was even a class channel in IRC - 97s16. Still remember the nicks of the pple, some of which exists till today; Autumn, Angel, Velocity, Popiah, Natural, Lelawala, Sherman, Sael, Simple, Racer, Kramer, etc. This was where Cloud was born. It was derived from a number of idealogies. I wanted to be as unpredictable and unfathomable as the cloud. As free and unrestricted as the cloud. N as an aftertot, angel lives among the cloud. This tot was very significant back then. Remember, the year was 1997.

Cloud lived on thru IRC to ICQ. In 1999, the meaning of Cloud took on new meaning. I was enlisted to the 1st Commando Battalion - the elite of the SAF. I had my PS at that time too, and I was playing FFVII. Cloud Strife appear as the main protagonist. A loner of few words, leaving behind his hometown to join Soldier, the elite force. He tot he made Soldier 1st Class, but in fact he din. He din make it to Soldier. I din make my mark in CDO as well, I choose to take the easier way out by joining HQ. So many similarities. 2 Clouds, both joined the elite, both din make it, both tough it out to the end.

Y not Squall Leonheart of FFVIII? Y not Zidane Tribal of FFXI? Y not Titus of FFX? He doesn't have the good lucks or attitude prob of Squall. He does't have the wit and cheekiness of zidane. He doesn't have the boyishness and righteousness of titus. He has the silent and kickass attitude of Cloud Strife. Hence Cloud Strife evolved.

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FF die-hard fan.

You forgot the nick "Beast"