Saturday, April 23, 2005

The Additonal Sem

As the days wear on, the possibility of the additonal sem seems to be getting more n more probable. This tot is really scaring me, but at this pt in time, there is pretty much nothing I can do abt it. I screwed up my FYP, I din prepare adequately even for my 4 modules this sem. The 460 and 487 papers din really help in reassuring me. Am I being paranoid? I mean I have screwed up some papers b4 n ended up passing. Maybe this paranoia is just because of the fact that it's my last sem? I certainly hope so. But only I alone knows how ill-prepared that I am for this sem. Being only left with 4 modules, I kind of took it too lightly for this sem. The first half of the sem was spent still dazing over Princess. After the sem break was when I start to work, but it was all on my FYP. Now with 495 and 463 imminent in 2 days, what can I pulled out from my bag of tricks?

The supreme confidence that I had, when dealing with my uni exams. Can that really help? I dare say that no one walks into the exam hall with more confidence than I do, given the amount of effort I put into my studies. This has somehow sustained me over the past 3 yrs, cos I believe that everything is mental. Approach the exam as though u r the best in the world. Heck even if u really know nuts abt it, but its the attitude that makes the diff: believe that u know, believe that u can do it.

Maybe its just cos of the little bit of smart that I have. Somehow pple ard me all has the notion that I am always capable of pulling it off. Michelle says she always has full confidence in me. Huifang says she believes in me also. But does anyone know how far gone I am this time? Regardless of that, I will just continue to believe in myself. If I shd die, I will go down fighting. But I believe in myself. I'm crunch. I always make it when it counts.

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