Monday, April 11, 2005

The Midnite Movie

Ok first thing to declare: my comma button is spoilt. (Is this sounding like michelle? hehe) So i shall use ";" as a replacement for my commas. Y is my comma button spoilt? cos i'm on bro's old lappie. N y m i on the lappie? Cos my comp decide to die on me. It just refused start the nite after i'm back from NUS. Of all the good time to die it must choose now when I have to correct the damn FYP. Now i can't access my Solidworks n my parts all in the comp. Sch Solidworks is 2001 version somemore. This is not suay; this is gan pua suay.

Anyway; after the plea for comments; in the last entry; I got a grand total of ............................1 !!!!! N it's from my good old bro again. So anyone whom I knew read the last entry but din comment (read as: hui); I will kill u personally. Anyway she seemed pissed just now; when i suggest she dun go for anymore platonic dates.

The comment centered on 1 idea: Guts & Glory. It's been a while since the guts n glory days of the past. haha. After so many yrs of woo-ing gals; all the strategies have been changed and amended to keep up with changing times. But 1 rule still remains: No Guts No Glory! Otherwise read as No Guts No Gals! Well I still dunno if its time for the revival of the guts n glory days; we shall see oon I suppose.

We went for a midnite show at orchard last nite. By midnite I meant 2am actually. Well it was a sat nite and spending it at home would seem such a waste. Though I've spent numerous sat nites facing the comp screen for the past yr; maybe it was becos I hadn't met Lizzy. It's been a while since I knew a gal as crazy as I would have like her to be. I like the spontaneity in her. I was in NUS the whole day but din hear from her till I was on my way home. She called n said she's bored with no programs on a sat nite. So I suggested a midnite show in town n she dun mind. So we went to watch the Pacifier at Orchard Cineleisure; and hung ard after that till abt 5am in the morning. So much like the crazy days of hanging out with min last time.

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