Saturday, April 09, 2005

The Long-Awaited Comment

I finally have someone leave me a comment!!! wahahaha... After all these while. 5 mths of blogging without a single miserable comment!!!! Haha... anyway, I think there is at most only 10 readers of this blog. So how to have comments if everyone also dao like me. heh heh.... Prove me wrong k? Everyone who read this entry, pls write sth for me. keke =P

Ah Seet finally pull stunt on me liao. Email me on the day b4 his departure to take back my FYP for corrections. So I missed the email, n ended up taking my FYP back just 2 days ago. I want more details! The structure is wrong! Not engineering enough! Too many pictures! And 460 paper in 11 days' time. How? How? How?

I met the speechless gal. She's interesting. She's fun. She's unique. She's speechless.


TurBz said...

as the saying goes... no guts no cha bor... hmm.. wonder if it still stands...

little princess said...

ermm.. comment comment comment..
jia you for your fyp ba..
nothing in this world is impossible..
change the impossible to "i-m-possible" ..
you can do it de..
take care (^o^)

Anonymous said...

eh dun want to disclose who i m (cos it will let u noe i m actually very kpo) but i do read ur blog so guess since someone as unrelated as me reads it, i m sure there are more than 10 persons reading it. Keep up the good work! =) Best of luck for ur FYP! =)