Monday, May 09, 2005

The End Of All Shit

Last fri officially marked the end of all shit from ntu. (hopefully) Had my FYP presentation that day. It was a rather simple affair actually. Just a half hr presentation to Ah Seet and another moderator guy. The moderator appeared as a nice guy initially, I managed to ans his queries as he pop qns halfway thru the presentation. However, towards the end when he qn me abt some of the mistakes in my report, I was unable to come up with a reasonable excuse. (they r real mistakes after all rite?) Then he appear to get a bit niao. Ah Seet helped out sometime though, interupting at the correct moments to utter some crap when he sense i was stuck with some qns. He also did say that my 2nd draft was a major improvement over the 1st draft, which was kinda reassuring to hear.

Had a jc class dinner after my presentation on fri. Despite my long absence in class outings, still manage to get on pretty well with the bulk of them. Among those who showed up are Lewis, Eugene, Jon, Clarence, Weian, Ben, James (though he only joined us for deserts), Yiling, Shuling, Hilda, Candice, Ga. James is getting married at the end of the yr, n Hilda will be tying the knot next march. Huijun already ROM last yr. My peers are getting married, yet it seems that i'm still a far way off from that stage. Some of us went to jurong hill after dinner and desert, just for the usual class outing hanging out crap that we used to do last time. Sat nite was spent clubbing with Eugene, Weian, n his 3 gal frens at mdm wong. It was basically a spend money-for-nothing nite, as there wasn't really any kind of incentive for me that nite.

So all in all, it sounds like i'm leading a fulfilled social life now ain't it? Wrong. Lizzy. Y aren't I spending time with Lizzy? Isn't that the most impt aspect of a social life? love-life. I like her, dun I? Or do I? Maybe only time will tell. The last time we were together was on last Mon when I accompany her to study at Harbor Front. Then on the eve of her last paper on thur, she said that she fell sick. I sms her a couple of times, but she only replied occasionally. Of coz I dun expect her to be as lively when she's down with fever. So had a couple of days where we kinda din contact much. I miss her sometimes. Well, only time will tell.

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