Saturday, December 18, 2004


For a while, I've been waiting to see how long it'll take b4 i fall sick, with the cigs n booze n late nites n chips. Seems I've got my ans now. Not feeling too good for the past few days already. Started with a funny feeling in the nasal on wed, to a sore throat on thur n finally started coughing today. I predict it'll only get worse. Not too appropriate a time to fall sick, with xmas just round the corner. But then again, I've no programs rite?

I've corrected my sleeping habits already. From a nocturnal creature to an early bird. Even got time to go gym in the morning some days. Feel so good to be awake early in the morning. It's like there's a whole new day for u to spend. Of coz I din spend it too constructively..... Spent the majority of my time on the PS2 recently, whacking Shadow Hearts : Covenant, Metal Gear Solid 3 : Snake Eater, NBA Live 2005, WWE Smackdown Vs RAW. However, there's 1 big problem staring me in the face. F-Y-P.

Dr Ann San just told me off the other day when I went back sch, saying that he did not see me do any work for the past few mths. Well, not that I've had any clear directions either. Everytime I see Dr Seet he will only ask me to go back n design n draw. Anyway, now he said that my project is reduced to just a theory report on the design n fabrication of a exoskeleton upper limb. He ask me to do away with the machine-interface design and the prototype of the actuaction of the upper limb in response to the sensor. However, Prof Seet did say that i'm required to do that. But then Dr Ann San has a point too, those r suppose to be another project all by themselves. It's just not feasible given the current time constraint. I think I have to talk to Prof Seet again soon. Maybe on mon.

My blog seem to be pretty popular recently, have quite a number of pple saying that they read my blog. haha. Really din expect this, maybe cos I'm not someone who would go n read someone else's blog, unless it's someone 'interesting'? haha. It seems a bit weird at the same time too. When pple whom i'm not too close to get to read abt what goes on thru my mind, the deepest feelings in my heart. Initially I put the link on frenster is for princess to read. But now I just can't be bothered to remove the link. Well, let the world know abt what I feel then. I wun have to be the great pretender anymore then.

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