Monday, December 20, 2004

All Clear !

Lo and behold, all modules clear again! hehehe. Guess there's not much better feeling than that when u r a engineering student in ntu. Results out on fri, much earlier than expected. Though not very satisfactory, but at least I clear everything. Actually, I know I would clear everything. But it's still a relief when it became reality, considering how distracted I was during the exam times.

M363 Fluid Dynamics - C
M461 Heat Transfer - D
M462 Advanced Manufacturing & Nanotechnology - D
M464 Mechanical System Design - C
M492 Biomechanics - C
M494 Biomaterials - C
M141 HRM & Entrepreneurship - B

Not exactly what u would call good grades rite? It seems I have been deproving every sem, since yr 1, when I average mostly Bs & Cs. Guess I'd most prob end up with a 3rd class honours now, considering the status of my FYP now. If only I hadn't fail 363 in yr 3. Then my string of non da-bao luck would still be intact.

The first thing after that came to my mind after knowing my grades is actually to let Princess know how I did. Cos I wanted to let her know that I cleared all my modules, as she was quite worried abt how I would do for my exams during that period of turmoil. But still I did not tell her. I guess she wouldn't really care now how I fare. But in any case, if u happen to read this, u will know that I did ok for my exams. I told u to have confidence in me. =)

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