Thursday, December 30, 2004

Disaster In Phuket

Kim Long brought disturbing news last nite. He said Kailun's gf saw Weiqiang's name among the list of missing pple from sg after the tsunami hit phuket. He called to ask me if its our Weiqiang. It turned out it really is him, after I called Kailiang to confirm. He was holidaying in phuket with his gf when the tsunami hits, n his gf has been sent back to sg already. Now he remains missing.

This news bothered me since last nite. I dun really know how to pen down what i feel now. This is the first time that someone i knew personally have been close to any kind of peril. We informed the rest of the 81 pple, n now just wait for more news.

Its a bit funny, how upon knowing that someone might no longer be with us anymore, that past memories abt him came back with such clarity. Weiqiang n i go way back since pri 4, where we were part of the 5 Frens, together with Junqiang, Yanwen & Henry. Our clique eventually expanded as we go thru pri 5 & 6, ending up with Jingsong, Victor, Jiliang, Kaixuan, Yizhou, Maurice.

Most of the time, we were actually going for the same gal, Guo Peifang n Luo Huimin. I remember the time when I was at grandma's place, then I went to look him up n we ended up hanging ard Peifang's place seeing if she was at home. And the times we purposely go to Bt Batok where Peifang's dad's shop was, and just hung ard there like what teens of our age do when they like a gal.

Among the clique, i was the only one to go to a sec sch by myself. Weiqiang, Kaixuan went to River Valley, Jingsong, Jiliang, Yizhou, Victor went to Commonwealth, Junqiang & Yanwen went to Nan Hua, while I went to Bt Panjang by myself. I did still see him briefly for the 1st 3 mths in NJC but he went over to JJC after that. Coincidentally, Junqiang, Weiqiang & i were reunited in Hendon Camp, though all in diff platoons. Then he joined me in 81 as part of the 4th coy cohort as he disrupt for pilot selection.

Now I can only hope that someone up there is watching over him.

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