Sunday, April 02, 2006

WhizzCar !! Wheee.....

Haha.. this is gonna sound like an advertisement for WhizzCar. Anyway, I just signed up for a car rental service. I gotta re-familiarise myself with the road before I think abt owning a car. Anyway, this agency is gonna bond me for 1 yr, by then which I shd be able to afford a car. So I tried out my first car rental today, and it's going to turn out to be a real bobo.... Well, only at the start lah... hehe

The car was packed on the 4th floor of the multi-storey carpark at Yew Tee. My first car happened to be a Vios. So I digilently followed what's required of me, check the extire of the car for damages, blah blah blah, b4 attempting to drive the car out. And so I tot I better go a few rds in the multi-storey carpark b4 I proceed outside. My road rust is abt to show... Heh heh...

It's a auto car, so it's supposed to move when I release my foot brake, so I was a bit puzzled when it din move. So i stepped on the gas and true enough the car started to move. But there was this horrible skreeching sound which I din know the cause. So I got the car onto the slope leading to the next level, and then it just couldn't move anymore. I applied a little more pressure on the gas but it still wouldn't go. I was afraid to depress all the way as I din wan the car to fly off the building suddenly. So there I was stuck on the slope, not able to go up, and afraid to reverse down as well. Then it struck me that I din release the fucking HANDBRAKE !!! Damn, and the car can actually still move when I step on the gas n I can get it all the way up the fucking slope as well. WTF ! The skreeching sound was actually the rear tires that wasn't rotating.

Wah.. fucking big bobo. So I quickly release the handbrake and driving resumed as normal. Tried a bit of parking at the carpark first. Nv tried parking without the fucking poles. Did quite a bad job at first, but improved to be much better when I was back to return car later. So I drove back to cck and asked Mum to be my passenger as we go cruising nearby. Drove to Grandma's place at Jurong East and then to Bt Panjang for a rd b4 I dropped Mum off at home and went back to Yew Tee to return the car. But b4 that, I took a trip to Windermere to see if I can score sth with Michelle. I parked on the slope and called her, but she was out playing badminton at the moment. Bad timing. Anyway, doubt she'll be willing to come down and meet me if I just showed up impromptu like that. We chatted a while on the phone, and then just ended abruptly when it was her time to play. So I just went back to return the car and home I go. First individual driving experience. =)


lil princess said...

where do you learn your salsa from? me wanna learn too....

your cousin said...

so fun!! why never call me along >< hahaha

Cloud Strife said...

hmm.. finally... proof that at least 1 babe reads this blog. wahaha. Ok, free advertisement for Jackson & June.

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